Video Recording of Pension Fund Capitalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic in Canada: A Socialist Perspective

Thank you to everyone who was able to join our event! For those who missed the live lecture and discussion, we happy to announce the full video recording is available for viewing. Follow the prompt to watch the November 18, 2020 lecture delivered by Kevin Skerrett, Fall 2020 Visiting Professor at the Institute of Political Economy. Introduction by Cristina Rojas, Professor in Political Science and former Director of the Institute of Political Economy. Moderated by Stephanie Ross, Director of the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University. Following introductions, a 35 minute talk is followed by 40 minutes of questions from the audience.

Captioning in original English is available, but can be turned off using the CC button at the bottom of the frame: Full Video Here

Left Image book cover titled "The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism" over images of chains on gates and monetary symbols; Right Image of the Author in black suit wearing glasses with grey hair