A photo collage representing Work and Labour, a new Graduate diploma at the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

Graduate Diploma and Specialization

The new Work and Labour Graduate Diploma and Specialization will provide the core knowledge, critical thinking, research and problem-solving skills needed to work on labour issues in unions, non-profit organizations, government and academia. It will support professional development and provide a reflective space for experienced practitioners.

Program Goals

  • Develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in the areas of work and labour.
  • Learn how to analyze the complex ways in which work and labour intersect with issues of gender, race, colonialism, globalization, environment and technological change.
  • Gain a strong understanding of issues and debates in the labour movement and trade unions’ role in addressing social and economic inequality

Potential Students

  • Labour leaders, activists and union staff that have a BA Honours or a BA.
  • Policy makers and analysts focusing on work and labour. Students finishing their BA Honours and wishing to work in unions and work-related organizations.
  • Students enrolled in the Institute MA or the collaborative PhD.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 5 courses:

  • Political Economy of Work and Labour. 
  • Selected Issues in Work and Labour. 
  • Reflective Practice on Work and Labour or Placement in Political Economy.
  • 2 courses of approved elective courses with work and labour content.

Students can enrol in the program as full time or part time.

What advantages does the Institute offer to students enrolled in the Diploma?

  • Flexibility to tailor the degree to personal professional development needs and scholarly interests, drawing on an extensive list of optional courses accepted for credit.
  • Variety in core courses with two visiting scholars each year; visitors are international and Canadian specialists in work and labour.

Admission Requirements

General Admission

A four-year BA Honours degree or equivalent in a social sciences or humanities discipline or interdisciplinary program relevant to work and labour, or a general BA in any field with relevant working experience in labour issues.

For Carleton MA or PhD students
Consult the program webpage

Entry Terms
Summer, Fall

Application Deadlines
Summer: April 1
Fall: August 1

For More Information
Please Contact the Institute Administrator: political.economy@carleton.ca

Hybrid Options Now Available: Select courses (i.e.: PECO 50 02, PECO 5503 and PECO 5504) will be offered in person with a option to join virtually if you are not in Ottawa. Contact the Institute Administrator for more information on how to complete the program virtually, in person or with a combination.

Download the Program Sheet

Photo credits in clockwise order starting at the left top:
Josh Berson, Ontario Federation of Labour, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, CUPE, Josh Berson.