Carleton offers a variety of funding opportunities to our students. As a new or current graduate student, there are a number of internal, external and special awards that you can apply for.

External Awards:

Current Student: The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA) has an extensive list of External Awards that  current graduate students can apply for. If your GPA is 10 (A-) or above, you should also apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) awards each year you are eligible. If you are unsure of your eligibility after reading the information on these awards, please contact the IPE Administrator for assistance. For additional information on External Awards, please visit the FGPA External Awards.

Prospective Students: Consideration for funding and financial support (including teaching assistantships) is made at the time of admission to a full-time program. A separate application is not required. In order to be considered for external funding, you must submit a completed application (including all required documents) before the deadline. Prospective students are also encouraged to apply for SSHRC and OGS awards, which (if successful) would be added to your Carleton funding package. Please note that we are normally unable to fund International Students; international students must therefore secure prior external funding. For more information on awards and funding, visit the Graduate Admissions website.

The dates for external award application can change each year. For OGS and SSHRC, the date is typically November 15th  for MA applications and October 1st for PhD applications.

Internal Awards:

These awards are financial awards valued from several hundred dollars to a maximum of $20,000 and are provided by an individual or organization to Carleton. They are administered by Carleton and are awarded to current students based on academic merit, financial need and/or specific research areas. There are internal awards that are open to all graduate students who meet the criteria listed (typically administered in Fall, deadline of September 30) and internal awards that are specific to the IPE program (typically administered in Winter, deadline January 30).  Applications for  both types of awards are made via Carleton Central under the tab “Financial Aid and Awards” and then selecting “Online Graduate Award Applications”.  FGPA maintains a list of awards and their criteria, as well as application deadlines. The IPE Administrator will also email out relevant information and deadlines to eligible students during the academic year.

Graduate Student Travel and Research Bursary:

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs provides funds to students in financial need who require assistance to conduct or present their research. The fund may cover a portion of the cost related to field travel and supplies, translation, mailing, the cost of copying journal articles, etc. It may also cover costs related to attend a scholarly conference at which the graduate student is presenting a paper. This fund is intended to cover modest costs where other sources of support are not available. Be sure to review the criteria for the Graduate Student Travel and Research Bursary before you apply.

Student Emergency Fund:

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to Carleton University students experiencing short term financial hardship related to critical needs such as groceries, medications and utilities. In March 2020 Carleton University extended the capacity of the SEF to address increased need due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.