Every year, the Institute hosts two visiting scholars whose area of expertise is in one of the branches of Political Economy. As of 2020-2021, each visitor teaches one Work and Labour seminar and one seminar in another area of their research expertise. Visitors also offer a public lecture or a half- or full-day workshop or symposium as part of their time in residence.

The visiting professors continue a nearly 40-year-old tradition at the Institute of Political Economy and the former Graduate Summer School of Political Economy of bringing world-renowned scholarship and expertise to Carleton.

Qualified scholars are encouraged to contact the Institute and apply for an upcoming term.

We are currently looking for our 2022 – 2023 Visitors. For more information, go here.

List of Visiting Professors

Winter 2022 Deniz Duruiz, Postdoctoral Fellow
Buffett Institute for Global Affairs
Northwestern UniversityCourses:

PECO 5504: Labor, Social Difference, and Subjectivity

SOCI 5805: Political Economy of Migration and Im/mobilities

Fall 2021 John Peters
Executive Policy Director, BlueGreen IdeasCourses:

PECO 5503: Labour and Environmental Policy

SOCI 5806: The Political Sociology of Equality

Winter 2021 Stephanie M. Redden, Postdoctoral Fellow
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
Yale University (US)


:PECO 5504: The Intersectional Politics of Worker Resistance
PSCI 5502: Gender, Race, and Everyday International Political EconomyIPE Seminar: Hello from the Inside: Race, Gender, and Unfree Labour within the Transnationally Situated Prison Call Centre Industry.

Fall 2020 Kevin Skerrett, Senior Research Officer
Canadian Union of Public Employees


PECO 5503: Union Power in Canada Under Neoliberal Capitalism
SOCI 5806: The Political Economy of the Neoliberal StateIPE Seminar: Pension Fund Capitalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic in Canada: A Socialist Perspective

Portrait of Man with Black Suit, Grey Hair and Glasses
Fall 2019 Aaron Henry, Senior Director
Natural Resources and Sustainable Growth
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Winter 2019 Katie Cruz, Senior Lecturer in Law
University of Bristol Law School (UK)
Winter 2019 Mustafa Kemal Bayirbag
Dept. of Political Science & Public Administration
Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
Summer 2018 Mark Thomas
Department of Sociology
Director of the Global Labour Research Centre
York University
Winter 2018 Luis Llambi
Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (Venezuela)
Fall 2018 Simten Cosar
Faculty of Communication
Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey)
Fall 2017 Simten Cosar
Faculty of Communication
Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey)
Fall 2016 Harriet Friedmann
Depts. of Geography & Sociology & Fellow
Munk School of Global Affairs
University of Toronto
Winter 2017 David Blaney
G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Political Science
Macalester College (US)
Winter 2016 Richard Westra
Political Science & Graduate School of Law
Nagoya University (Japan)
Summer 2015 John Rapley
University of Cambridge
Winter 2015 Meg Luxton
School of Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies
York University
Summer 2014 Marianne Marchand
Research Chair in International Relations
Universidad de las Americas-Puebla (Mexico)
Fall 2013 Kevin Farnsworth
Department of Sociology
University of Sheffield (UK)
Summer 2013 Matthew Coleman
Department of Geography
Ohio State University
Winter 2013 Teresa Healy
Senior Researcher
Canadian Labour Congress
Summer 2012 Neil Bradford
Department of Political Science
Huron College
University of Western Ontario
Winter 2012 Jane Parpart
International Development Studies
Dalhousie University
Summer 2011 Andrew Biro
CRC in Political Ecology and Environmental Political Theory
Department of Political Science
Acadia University
Winter 2011 Kate Bedford
Kent Law School
University of Kent (UK)
Summer 2010 Jeffrey Ayres
Political Science
St. Michael’s University (US)
Winter 2010 Asha Varadharajan
Department of English
Queen’s University
Fall 2009 Diane Elson
Department of Sociology
University of Essex (UK)
Winter 2009 Johannes Schmidt
Development and International Relations
University of Aalborg (Denmark)
Fall 2008 David B. Moore
Anthropology and Development Studies
University of Johannesburg (SA)
Fall 2008 Tom Juravich, Director
Labor Relations Research Center
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (US)
Winter 2007 John Holmes
Department of Geography
Queen’s University
Fall 2006 Jai Sen, Director
Fall 2005 Jeffrey Ayres
Department of Political Science
St. Michael’s University (US)
Fall 2005 Fuat Keyman
Department of International Relations
Koc University (Turkey)
Winter  2005 Ursula Huws
International Labour Studies
London Metropolitan University (UK)
Fall 2004 Julian Saurin
Department of International Relations
University of Sussex (UK)
Fall 2003 Pavla Miller
Global Studies
RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia)
Fall 2003 Jock McCulloch
Global Studies
RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia)
Summer 2003 William Carroll
Department of Sociology
University of Victoria
Summer 2002 Guglielmo Carchedi
Department of Economics
University of Amsterdam (NL)
Summer 2002 Lorna Weir
Department of Sociology
York University
Summer 2001 Barry Hindess
Department of Political Science
Australian National University (Australia)
Summer 1999 Isabella Bakker
Department of Political Science
York University
Fall 1998 Catherine Kingfisher
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
University of Waikato (New Zealand)
Fall 1997 Patricia Connelly
Department of Sociology and International Development
Saint Mary’s University
Fall 1996 Margit Mayer
Department of Political Science
Free University Berlin (Germany)
Summer 1996 Mel Watkins
Departments of Economics & Political Science
University of Toronto
Winter 1996 Robert Hollands
Department of Sociology
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK)
Fall 1995 Hugh Armstrong, Coordinator
Health Research Project
Ontario Federation of Labour
Summer 1995 John Saul
Social Science
York University
Summer 1995 Colin Bundy, Director
Institute for Historical Research
University of the Western Cape (SA)
Summer 1995 Cherry Clayton
Department of English
University of Guelph
Summer 1995 Linzi Manicom
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
University of Toronto
Winter 1995 Katherine Gibson
Department of Geography
Monash University (Australia)
Fall 1994 Colin Leys
Department of Political Studies
Queen’s University
Summer 1994 Mel Watkins
Departments of Economics & Political Science
University of Toronto
Winter 1994 Eleanor MacDonald
Department of Political Studies
Queen’s University
Fall 1993 Andrew Martin
Center for European Studies
Harvard University (US)
Summer 1993 Sheila Rowbotham
Department of Sociology
University of Manchester (UK)
Winter 1993 Goran Ahrne
Department of Sociology
Stockholm University (Sweden)
Summer 1992 Pat Armstrong
Department of Sociology
York University
Winter 1992 Amitav Rath, Director
Policy Research International
Fall 1991 George Ross
Labour and Social Thought
Brandeis University (US)
Summer 1991 Anne Showstack Sassoon
Faculty of Human Sciences
Kingston Polytechnic (UK)
Winter 1991 Johanna Brenner
Women’s Studies
Portland State University (US)
Summer 1990 Robin Murray
Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex (UK)
Summer 1989 Robin Blackburn (UK)
Summer 1988 Mike Davis (US)
Summer 1987 Alain Lipietz
Centre d’Études Prospectives d’Économie Mathématique Appliquées à la Planification, Paris (France)
Summer 1986 Patricia Marchak
University of British Columbia
Summer 1985 Michèle Barrett,
The City University of London (UK)
Summer 1985 Mary Macintosh
University of Essex (UK)
Summer 1985 Peter Bihari
Karl Marx University, Budapest (Hungary)
Summer  1984 Ralph Miliband (UK)
Summer 1983  Guglielmo Carchedi
University of Amsterdam (NL)