The MA in Political Economy, the only degree program of its kind in Canada, will provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of power and the (re)production of social relations in contemporary societies. Through the application of diverse critical perspectives, students are able to rigorously analyze contemporary Canadian and global issues such as finance, migration and borders, labour and power relations, environmental justice, Indigenous resurgence, race and racism, gender and sexuality, colonialism, food sovereignty, and community activism.

Program Goals

  • Develop both breadth and knowledge in political economic theory and methodologies
  • Study the core concepts of political economy and their relation to world-historical events.
  • Develop both breadth and depth of knowledge of political economic theory and methodologies (including an appreciation of the diversity of the field).
  • Appraise and interpret contemporary debates related to political economy— such as those involving decolonization, feminism, work and labour, state and empire, social reproduction, and climate change.
  • Develop individual areas of research concentration.

Potential Students

  • Critical thinkers and scholars from across the social sciences
  • Labour leaders, activists and union staff
  • Policy makers and analysts

Common Career Paths

  • PhD Programs
  • NGOs and Think Tanks
  • Organized Labour
  • Federal and Provincial Civil Service

Program Requirements

Students must complete 5 credits:

  • Methodologies in Political Economy (0.5 credits)
  • Theories of Political Economy (0.5 credits)
  • Research Essay or Thesis (1.0 or 2.0  credits)
  • Remaining credits are filled by elective courses (3.0 or 2.0 credits)

Students can enrol in the program full time or part time.

What advantages does the Institute offer to students enrolled in the MA?

  • Flexibility to tailor the degree to one’s own needs and scholarly interests, drawing on a large faculty pool and an extensive list of elective courses accepted for credit.
  • Variety in courses with two visiting scholars each year; visitors are prominent international and Canadian researchers in political economy and work and labour.
  • We offer a stand alone MA in Political Economy or with one of the following options to specialize within the program:
    with a Concentration in Work and Labour
    with a Specialization in African Studies
    with a Specialization in Climate Change
    with a Specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    with a Specialization in Accessibility (coming soon)

Admission Information

Admission Requirement

A four-year BA degree or equivalent in a social sciences or humanities discipline or interdisciplinary program with a GPA of B+ or better.

Entry Terms

Application Deadlines
Fall: February 1

For More Information
Please Contact the Institute Administrator:

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