Students in the IPE programs are able to use the student study spaces located on the 15th floor in Dunton Tower.  Due to COVID protocols, students will need to request study space in advance. All students are required to fill out the form below if they wish to use the space.

Rooms 1506 DT and 1507 DT are typically reserved for upper year students. Room 1508 DT is typically reserved for first year students. Any student can book any space, but priority will be given as specified. Please note that filling out the form does not automatically book the room. The form is received by the  IPE Administrator who will review and email you to confirm what has been booked. Bookings should be in increments of 30 minutes. Bookings may be reduced if other students are in need of space. For example, if someone has book a room for four hours, your booking may be reduced to three hours to accommodate another student.

Each office is equipped with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. Everyone who uses the offices must clean the desk they are using before and after use. No food or drink is allowed in the rooms and masks must be worn at all times.

If you need a key for the office, please fill out  the Student Office Key Request Form and email the form to the Institute Administrator.

Spaces Available:

1506 DT – 3 spaces
1507 DT – 3 spaces
1508 DT – 5 spaces

This space is ONLY available to students in IPE programs.