Collaborative PhD in Political Economy

The Collaborative PhD in Political Economy is designed for Carleton University doctoral students in participating programs in the Faculties of Arts and Social Science and Public Affairs who wish to enrich their training in a particular discipline or area of study by developing a political economy approach through interdisciplinary dialogue.

Program Coordinator Justin Paulson, Director, Institute of Political Economy

The following units participate in the Collaborative PhD Program in Political Economy:

Program Requirements

Students must complete PECO 6000 0.5 credit Political Economy: Core Concepts as well as have Political Economy content in their thesis and all other program requirements as required by their home program. For a list of specific requirements in each program, please review the IPE PhD Program Requirements information.

Entry Terms

Application Deadlines
Winter: October 31

For More Information
Please Contact the Institute Administrator:

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Admission Information

Admission Requirement

  • Registration in the PhD program of one of the participating units;
  • Registration in, or successful completion of, at least one course or comprehensive field with political economy content. This will normally be a course offered by the student’s home unit but could also be selected from appropriate courses in other units. See Selection of Courses for a list of acceptable courses;
  • Selection of a thesis topic with political economy content. The Program Committee will determine, in consultation with the supervisor, if the political economy content of the thesis meets the requirements of the Collaborative Program.