Photo of Augustine Park

Augustine Park

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Degrees:PhD (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2593
Office:C766 Loeb

Areas of Interest

Critiques of liberal interventionism and peacebuilding; transitional justice; race/racialisation/racisms; theories of democracy; childhood; global southern childhoods; restorative justice.


I am currently engaged in two research projects.  One project examines race and risk as heuristics for understanding liberal peacebuilding, focusing both on the construction of the state institutions of liberal market democracies and the cultivation of persons and populations.  My second project focuses on the legal, political and cultural meanings invested in the missing remains of dead victims of state-sponsored violence.  This latter project was awarded a SSHRC Standard Research Grant (2010-2013), and has been nominated for the SSHRC Aurora Prize (2011).  Prior to joining the department in 2007, I completed a SSHRC-funded post-doctoral fellowship at the Australian National University’s Regulatory Institutions Network.

Selected Recent Publications

Park, A.S.J. (forthcoming, March 2014). Constituting Omar Khadr: Cultural Racism, Childhood and Citizenship.  International Political Sociology.

Park, A.S.J. (2013). Introduction: The labour of race. Canadian Journal of Sociology38(4), 453-464.

Park, A.S.J. (2013). Racial-Nationalism and Representations of Citizenship:  The Recalcitrant Alien, the Citizen of Convenience and the Fraudulent Citizen. Canadian Journal of Sociology. 38(4), 557-578.

Carrier, N. and Park, A.S.J. (2013).  On an Entrepreneurial Criminology of Mass Political Violence.  Crime, Law and Social Change. 60, 297-317.

Park, A.S.J. (2010). Peacebuilding, the rule of law and the problem of culture: Assimilation, multiculturalism, deployment. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding4(4), 413-432.

Park, A.S.J. (2010). Child soldiers and distributive justice: Addressing the limits of law. Crime, Law and Social Change53(4), 329-348.

Park, A.S.J. (2010). Community-based restorative transitional justice in Sierra Leone. Contemporary Justice Review, 13(1), 95-119.

Park, A.S.J. (2009). Global governance, therapeutic intervention and war-affected girls. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political34(2), 157-182.