E. Snider

Northern Food Production, Food Security, Climate Change

Before beginning your studies at the Institute of Political Economy where did you study and what program(s) were you enrolled in?

  • General Arts & Science (Environmental Science) at Fleming College
  • Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University

What is it specifically that attracted you to study Political Economy at Carleton?

I was interested in the number of interdisciplinary electives I was encouraged to take. I found the ability to choose a wider range of courses that align with my research interests a desirable trait of the program.

My areas of research interest include…

Northern Food Production, Food Security, Climate Change

What activities have you been involved in lately? 

I am a research assistant for Wilfrid Laurier University, and am involved with participatory action research for the Northern Agriculture Futures project led by Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation. I lived in Kakisa, NT for two months this past summer conducting research on building a community fish composting pilot project. The goal is to create a composting system that will help to build soil for local food production.

What advice would you give to a prospective Political Economy graduate student?

Learn to love reading.