Photo of Daniel Baptiste

Daniel Baptiste

Economic development, sustainability, tourism research

Before beginning your studies at the Institute of Political Economy where did you study and what program(s) were you enrolled in?

Public Affairs and Policy Management with a Specialization in International Studies at Carleton.

What is it specifically that attracted you to study Political Economy at Carleton?

I was attracted by the multidisciplinary nature of the program, especially the ability to take a mix of courses focused on policy and applied research.

My area of research interests include…

I am particularly interested in on the interplay between tourism and economic development in Canada and abroad. I am also interested in geopolitics,  sustainable resource development, environmental conservation, and Canada’s natural resource sector.

What other activities have you been involved in lately? 

I took three years off to travel the world and work abroad with a few grassroots NGOs. Most of my time was spent in Latin America, but I’ve been able to visit 37 countries in total. Right now I’m focused on balancing full-time work and school but look forward to opportunities to pursue my research at Carleton.

What advice would you give to a prospective Political Economy graduate student?

Go for it, there is so much room for growth and learning in this program!