Photo of Susan Braedley

Susan Braedley

Director, Institute of Political Economy and Professor, School of Social Work

Phone:613-520-2600 x 8858
Office:1502 Dunton Tower

Areas of Research Interest

  • The Political Economy of Health Care and Social Services Work
  • Race, class, and gender in everyday caring work
  • Social Reproduction theory and Feminist Political Economy
  • Gender and Social Policy
  • Disability  and Ageing
  • Radical Social Work Practice and Theory including Feminist , Anti-Racist, Post Modern and Structural Social Work.

 Current Research Projects 

  • Re-Imagining Long-Term Residential Care: An International Study of Promising Practices

An international collaborative project to identify promising practices in long term residential care. A Major Collaborative Research Initiative, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

  • Equity Shifts: Employment Equity in Protective Services

A research project that identifies promising practices and barriers to inclusivity in firefighting work at a time of radical change to the labour process. An Insight Development Grant project, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

  • Healthy Ageing in Residential Places

An international research project designed to assess how healthy ageing can be improved for residents and workers in long term care residences. This project is funded by a CIHR and European Research on Ageing team grant



  • The Political Economy of Social Welfare (SOWK 2100)
  • Doctoral Research Seminar (SOWK 6200)
  • Doctoral Seminar in Political Economy (PECO 6000)
  • Social Work Foundations  (SOWK 5000)


Selected Publications


  • Pat Armstrong and Susan Braedley (editors) (2013) Troubling Care: Critical Perspectives on Research and Practices Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press

Susan Braedley and Meg Luxton (editors) (2010)  Neoliberalism  and  Everyday Life  Montreal: McGill Queens University Press

 Chapters in Edited Books

  •  (2013)  A Gender Politics of Long-term Residential Care: Towards an Analysis in Armstrong and Braedley (eds)Troubling Care. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, pp.59-70.
  • Armstrong and Braedley (2013) Introduction in Armstrong and Braedley (eds) Troubling Care. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, pp.9-19.
  • (2010) Accidental Care: Masculinity and Care at Work  in  Braedley and Luxton (eds)  Neoliberalism and Everyday Life. Montreal:McGill-Queens University Press, pp.  163-183

Susan Braedley and Meg Luxton  (2010)“Competing Philosophies: Neoliberalism and the Challenges of Everyday Life” in Braedley and Luxton (eds)  Neoliberalism and Everyday Life.  Montreal:McGill-Queens University Press, pp.  3-21.

  • (2006) Someone to Watch over You: Gender, Class and Social Reproduction, in Bezanson and Luxton (eds)Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-liberalism. Montreal: McGill Queens pp.215-230.

Articles in refereed Journals

  •  (2012) The Masculinization Effect: Neoliberalism, the Medical Paradigm and Ontario’s Health Care PolicyCanadian Women’s Studies/cahier des femmes 29/3 Spring/Summer. pp.71-83.

Susan Braedley, Jacinthe Michaud and Leah F. Vosko (2012) Introduction Canadian Women’s Studies/cahier des femmes29/3 Spring/Summer pp.3-5

  • (2009) A Ladder Up: Ontario Firefighters’ Wages in Neoliberal Times.  Just Labour: The Journal of Work and Society. Autumn 2009: 129-149

(2009) Maternal Health Protections in Work Environments: Lessons from Canada in Women and Environments   80/81: 8-10.

 Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • (2009) Developing a Theory of Masculinized Care in Gexcel series Alp Biricik/Jeff Hearn (eds.) Deconstructing the Hegemony of Men and Masculinities.  Linkoping, Sweden: Linkoping University.

Edited volumes of Refereed Journals

  •  Susan Braedley, Jacinthe Michaud, and Leah Vosko, editors (2012) Canadian Women’s Studies/cahiers des femmes special double issue Vol 29/3 Spring/Summer Feminist Dialogues: politiques publiques et l’action collective au Quebec et Ontario

 Community Engagement

 Member, Executive Editorial Board, Studies in Political Economy

Member, Steering Committee, Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in  Long-term Care, Bruyère Research Institute,  Ottawa

 Presentations (Selected)


Dreams of Home: What Design Standards Can Tell Us about Care in Ontario and Nova Scotia at “ Do Regulations Make it Harder to Care?” Conference of MCRI Re-imagining Long0term Residential Care, May 28, Toronto.

2013 Dreams of Home: The Consequences of Design Standards for Residents and Care providers at Ontario Association of Non-profit Homes and Services for Seniors Annual Conference, May 1. Toronto.

Dreams of Home: Design Standards in Long-term Residential Care and their Consequences  Social Work Research Day, March 11, 2013 Carleton University.

2013 Healthy Women, Health for All? at  Women’s Health, Global Health:  Ethics, Power   and Politics, A symposium at Carleton University, March 1.

There was an Old Woman”: Gender Analysis for Long-term Care at The Future is  Aging Conference,  Halifax, November 22.


The Sexual Politics of Long-term Care: Toward an Analysis at the York Research Seminar on Aging and Long-term Care, March 19.


w/Pat Armstrong A proposal: Interdisciplinary Comparative Methods in Health Policy and  Services Research. Presented at Carleton University Health Seminar series, Feb.16


Feminist Political Economy and Subjectivity  The Politics of Possibility: Pushing the Boundaries of Feminist Political Economy. Visiting Professor’s Symposium, Carleton University, April 6.


Time, Care and Crisis at the Gender and Public Policy Group Seminar series, York University, March 25


 Care and Crisis at the Social Sciences and History Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Il. Nov. 18.


Changing Masculinities: Contradictions in Transnational Occupational Gender at the International Sociology Association, Goteburg, Sweden, July 16.


Fragmenting care, fragmenting carers at New Frontiers in Caring. The 5th Annual Carers Conference, Leeds, U.K.  July 9.


Bonnie Fox, Gendered Parenting and Masculinities at Canadian Sociology Association Annual Meeting, Congress, June 2.


Lost in the Struggle: Continuity and Equity Care at the Canadian Sociology Association Annual Meeting, Congress, May 31


Mis-counting and Discounting Care at the Canadian Sociology Association Annual Meeting, Congress of  Social Sciences and Humanities, May 2009, Carleton University.


Emergencies of Care, Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR) conference, May 11-14, Calgary, Alta.

 Invited Talks

2013 Talking Back about Care Work CUPE Ontario Healthcare Workers Conference, Ottawa, October 26.
2013 Women’s Health, Global Health Intercultural Dialogue Group, Turkish  Cultural Centre, Nepean. March 16
2013 Feminism Now and Then, Cinema Politica, Carleton University March 6.

Re-imagining: A Collaborative Research Project Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation, Ottawa, October 25.

2012 Gender and Long-Term Residential Care , Café Scientifique, Gladstone Hotel,  Toronto, May 22.

Occupy: Lessons for Social Work, guest speaker at the Carleton University School of Social Work Annual Appreciation Event for Practicum Supervisors, May 1.


Research Presentation – Crisis Response for Dual Diagnosis, Central East Network of Specialized Care Meeting, Newmarket Ontario Nov. 29.


Research presentation, Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care w/ Hugh  Armstrong, Canadian Council on Aging, October 26.


Whose Crisis? Dual Diagnosis and community-based Crisis Intervention at the Human  Services Justice Committee Annual Conference, Trent University, May 6.