Photo of Zaee Deshpande

Zaee Deshpande

Economic growth in East Asia during the late 20th century, social movements, labour

Before beginning your studies at the Institute of Political Economy where did you study and what program(s) were you enrolled in?

I got my undergrad degree in Political Science from the University of Waterloo.

What is it specifically that attracted you to study Political Economy at Carleton?

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was looking for a stronger theoretical foundation to make sense of real world issues. What is also great about Political Economy at Carleton is that it is a small program with a close-knit group of people – this gives each student the chance to have a really personalized graduate experience.

My area of research interests include…

The rapid economic growth of East Asia in the late 20th century, social movements, and labour. For my master’s research paper, I hope to explore the residual effects of South Korea’s old development model – the one that created corporate giants like Samsung and Hyundai – on its modern day industrial relations.

What activities have you been involved in lately? (work placement, work experience, Undergraduate research, research positions, volunteer work, awards, travel, favourite books you’ve read…)

I’m currently a teaching assistant for the Law Department at Carleton and just recently became the Personal Safety Officer in Carleton’s union for teaching assistants and contract instructors. I am also learning how to use the statistical software, SAS. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, and when I finish my degree I am really hoping to make a trip to South Korea!

What advice would you give to a prospective Political Economy graduate student?

Reach out to profs! The Political Economy faculty members come from a broad range of disciplines, so there’s a really good chance you can connect with a professor who has expertise in the research topics you are most interested in. Also, as rewarding as grad school can be, it can also be overwhelming sometimes – remember to make time for yourself!