Dr. Gabor Maté, in his book, The Myth of Normal, hypothesizes that we are all living with trauma responses. In this case, trauma is defined as an expansive response to maladaptive experiences. If this is true, then we are all, fundamentally, unwell.

Our University’s Strategic Integrated Plan has a stated imperative to “Strive for Wellness” but what does wellness mean if our students, staff and faculty are all facing unwellness? In our presentation, we examine what wellness means at Carleton University. Through meaningful conversations with folks leading key strategies across campus, we will summarize our findings, identify gaps, reflect on the meaning of wellness, and then provide some concrete proposals going forward. We will truly explore what it means to strive for wellness.

Betina Appel Kuzmarov, Office of VP (Research and International)
Amanda Goth, Board of Governors
Peter Leland, Office of Risk Management
Debbie Orme-Rego, Human Resources
Andrew Urquhart, Pension Fund Management