Photo of AbdelRahman Abdou

AbdelRahman Abdou

Associate Professor

Phone:613-520-2600 x 4277

Research Interests

Internet Security

Specific Research Interests

Internet Measurements, Computer Systems and Network Security, SSL/TLS, Secure DNS, Authentication, Secure BGP, Secure Internet Geolocation, Software Defined-Network Security.


AbdelRahman Abdou is an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science, Carleton University. Prior to that, he was as a senior research scientist at the Institute of Information Security, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He currently co-directs the Carleton Internet Security Lab (CISL). His research interests include all aspects related to Internet Systems Security, including SDN security, TLS and PKI, DNS security, authentication, secure BGP, secure delegation over the Internet, and using Internet measurements to understand and solve problems related to Internet systems’ security. He has published in top-tier Security and Networking venues, including IEEE TDSC, ACM TOPS, IEEE COMST, USENIX Security, and has served on the Technical Program Committees for IEEE EuroS&P, ACM CCS, and IEEE S&P (Oakland) conferences. He is currently a Review Editor for Frontiers in Communications and Networks–Security, Privacy and Authentication Journal. His work was nominated for a Best Paper Award (IEEE CNS’14), and won a Distinguished Paper Award (ACM AsiaCCS’17), and is often featured in hacker and technical blogs, scientific magazines, and national news papers.

Research Group

Carleton Internet Security Lab (CISL)