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The School of Computer Science provides a unified set of credentials to access all of the SCS services. When you create or update your SCS account, our system makes sure that you are enrolled in any services that you are eligible for. This page provides an overview of what services your SCS account provides you and provides information on creating and managing your account.

Manage Your SCS Account

The SCS Online Account Management Tool allows you to:

  • create an SCS account
  • update your account and password
  • enroll in course-specific resources like the SCS Openstack


  • Use your Carleton Credentials (username and password) to setup and update an SCS account
    Your Carleton username has numerous names: MyCarletonOne, cmail, cunet, brightspace login, etc
  • You will need to use this tool at least once a term – and sometimes more often – so that your membership in course resources is updated
  • Check out this video demonstration of the SCS Online Account Management Tool if you are using the tool for the first time: video

Use this button to manage your SCS account now!

SCS Account Details