SCS Computer Labs
University Study Spaces
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SCS Undergraduate Labs

The school of Computer Science offers several undergraduate study spaces:

  • HP3115 – Undergraduate Lab & TA Center (cap 30)
  • HP4115 – Undergraduate Lab (cap 30)
  • HP4155 – Tutorial Lab (*) (cap 78)
  • HP5151 – Game Development & Sr. Undergraduate Lab (**) (cap 22)

Important Notes:

  • * Please note that you can only use HP4155 outside of the posted tutorial sessions
  • ** The gaming lab is intended for gaming stream students and Sr. Undergrads third year and above

For detailed SCS Lab info and current lab schedules please refer to:

University Study Spaces

The library (library study space) and other lounge spaces on campus are common areas for study space; here is some additional options. There are reserved supplementary space, and rooms are divided into two categories:

  1. Quiet study rooms (for viewing and independent work only);
  2. Interactive and group study rooms.


Quiet Study Space (830am-10pm) Interactive and Group Study Rooms (self service)
TB 238 (cap 76) CB 2103 (cap 7)
TB 240 (cap 78) CB 3102 (cap 7)
ME 3190 (cap 36) CB 3201 (cap 5)
PA 218 (cap 32) CB 2302 (cap 9)
PA 112 (cap 19) LA B249 (cap 19)
PA 118 (cap 20) SA 411 (cap 15)
LA A204 (cap 19) PA 100A (cap 15)
LA B250 computer lab (cap 27) PA 114 (cap 19)

As of Sep. 6, 2022 

 Quiet study rooms:

  • Rooms will be occupied on a first come, first serve basis. No need to book a seat through the portal. If the room is full, students should try another location.
  • We will post signs on the door to mark the self-study rooms.
  • The rooms will be advertised to students through social media and other student communications.
  • Students will be expected to use their own headsets, as it’s for quiet study.


Interactive and group study rooms

  • Students will book the rooms through the portal, its self-service; no approval necessary. Link to the portal: More info: Student Study Space
  • The rooms may be used for group work and to meet/study/interact with their peers.

ITS Public Computer Labs

Carleton University has 15 Public Labs for Students located in 5 buildings on campus.