Lab Schedule – Fall 2022
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Lab Policy
Lab Access
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HP4155 (360 Image)
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Lab Schedule: Fall 2022

Here are the labs available for Computer Science course students:

Lab # Capacity Name Access Type Schedule
HP3115 30 SCS Undergraduate Lab Open to all COMP students CLOSED (Opens on Sep. 12, 2022)
HP4115 30 SCS Undergraduate Lab Open to all COMP students CLOSED (Opens on Sep. 12, 2022)
HP4125 20 TA Center Open to all COMP students CLOSED (Opens on Sep. 12, 2022)
HP4155 78 Tutorial Lab Open to all COMP students CLOSED (Opens on Sep. 12, 2022)

Room_Schedule_HP_4155 (pdf)

HP5151 22 Sr. Undergraduate & Game Development Lab Sr. UG’s and current Gaming Students CLOSED (Opens on Sep. 12, 2022)

(*) The labs are open during the official Herzberg building hours and closed otherwise

Learn how to access the digital projector in room HP5151

About the SCS Labs

The SCS computer labs consist of standard PC that run a non-configurable Windows 10 operating system (users cannot install any software). All systems are equipped with the Software needed for your SCS course.

If you’re taking a Computer Science course, then you can use one of the SCS Labs! The labs are meant as study space. See the Lab Schedule for locations

All lab users must create an SCS Windows Account using the SCS Online Account Management Tool in order to use the lab computer.


  • The labs have access cards and you can use your campus card to swipe-in
  • You need to be registered in a COMP course in order to access the labs
  •  All Carleton students can use Carleton University printers via the CU on the GO printing service.

Lab Policy

The SCS Lab Policy covers:

  • Prohibited Expressions
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Prohibited Food/Drinks
  • Lab Access
  • Other Policies

The SCS computer labs are for the use of SCS students, staff and faculty only. If there are non-SCS students in the lab, please report them to the SCS Tech Staff or contact University Safety at x3612

Lab Access


The School of Computer Science is using Campus Card Access for its laboratories. This means that you can use your Campus Card to enter the labs.

Your lab access is based on the program and course that you are currently enrolled in. For example, if you are enrolled in COMP3004 in the fall term then your access to the lab will commence on the first day of the fall term and end on the last day of the fall term (unless otherwise posted).

Please note that only Computer Science students have access to these facilities. Individuals that gain access to the space and are not eligible to be in the space can be reported to the Department of University Safety. Many of the labs are monitored both with video surveillance and using swipe-card access.

For problems concerning the Campus Card Access system, please contact the SCS Technical Staff.

Lab & Building Hours

The access card labs are open 24 hrs/day 7 days per week but are subject to building hours (see below). Please be aware of lab closures on holidays and between academic terms.

Herzberg Building Hours
Please note that the Herzberg building hours are:

  • Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays CLOSED

Foot Patrol

CUSA Foot Patrol offers safe walks on campus and up to an hour off-campus (including public transit) seven days a week from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Call (613) 520-4066 during their operational hours to use the service, or check out Foot Patrol for more information.

Working Late? You’re not alone! Working After Hours Program

Other Lab Information

Reporting Problems

Want to report a problem? Contact the SCS Technical Staff

HP4155 (360 Image)

Instructor Lab Information

Instructors are encouraged to ensure their students are aware of the labs and the installed software and resources.
Instructors can also login once they have created or updated their SCS Windows Account using the SCS Online Account Management Tool

Instructor Lab Resource Requests

Instructors can request the following Resources:

  • Software Install – Request that specific software be installed on the Windows Lab Image. The software must be windows compatible. If the software is NOT free, you must provided the required licenses or submit a funding request for the School to purchase the licenses
  • VirtualBox Virtual Machine – If your course provides a Virtual Machine image to students, you can request that it be added to the lab computers for students to use there.
  • Tutorials, Demos and Presentations – You may book the labs for course lab tutorials, demonstrations and presentations. You may also book the labs for other requirements such as research presentations, student group activities (eg: coding competitions), etc.
  • File Distribution – If you have a large file or software package that your students need for their course, you can have it added to a shared folder on the Windows Lab Image. This can be used by students to download the files onto a USB key, which may be more convenient if they have a slow home network connection.