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Fall 2020 Graduation Video

Faculty of Science Graduation Celebration 2020

Carleton University Convocation Celebration 2020

Congratulations to our undergraduate and graduate students who were awarded medals for academic achievement.  The University recognized their academic excellence for Fall 2020.

Yiwei Zhang – University Medal in Computer Science, Undergraduate

Robert Davidson – Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Undergraduate

Gavin Jackson – Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Undergraduate

A full list of all graduates as well as medals and awards information can be found at the Convocation site.

Convocation Booklets: Archived Booklets from 2014 to Present

Annual End of Year BBQ

The School of Computer Science (SCS) and the Carleton Computer Science Society (CCSS) host an annual End of Year Barbecue for ALL computer science, HCI and Data Science students, faculty, staff and CS alumni.

Please make sure you do not miss next year’s event. Add yourself to our alumni page to receive an invitation to the event.  It only takes a minute to fill out or update your information in the form above. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone annually!

Here are some photos from previous years:

Hala Assal, PhD/2018:

Graduation may have been the destination, but when asked to reflect on her doctoral studies at Carleton, Hala Assal says she’s most proud of the journey.

Hala Assal’s Journey to a PhD in Computer Science Fall Convocation

Sam Prashker, BCS/2016:

It wasn’t long after graduation in the spring of 2016 that Sam Prashker, a graduate of the School of Computer Science, packed his bags and headed to Japan. He spent the following month working as a Software Development Engineer for Microsoft’s Tokyo office. We caught up with Sam to find out more about what it was like working for Microsoft and what lead him to Tokyo.

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Calvin Wiebe, BCS/2011:

Calvin Wiebe graduated from the School of Computer Science’s Software Engineering stream in 2011. He then began his career as a full stack engineer in Ottawa. We caught up with Calvin to find out more about his work now and asked him about his time with us at Carleton.

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Computer Science Alumni Uses University Skills to Win Big on Jeopardy

School of Computer Science alumni Grant McSheffrey has rose to game show stardom after a week long appearance on Jeopardy, winning a total of $70,000 U.S.

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