Updated May 31, 2021

Minor in Computer Science

The Minor in Computer Science is a limited enrolment Minor and is currently closed for further admission.  Updates, if any, will be posted here in the future.

For students already in the CS Minor, please follow the requirements as outlined in the undergraduate calendar.

NEW: Please view the School’s laptop requirements for all students enrolled in a first-year COMP course.

Note for B.Eng students

As of this writing, the following engineering and computer science courses preclude each other for additional credit (i.e. only the most recent course taken will count for credit) and are considered equivalent for the CS Minor. Only the required courses for the Minor are referenced here. Please note that this is subject to change in future academic years. Please always consult the most recent undergraduate calendar for prerequisites and preclusions.

ECOR 1606; ECOR 1051; ECOR 1041+1042 & COMP 1005 — only if taken prior to Fall 2021

SYSC 2004 & COMP 1006 (minimum grade of C- required)

SYSC 2100 & COMP 2402

SYSC 3010 or 3110 & COMP 2404

Please contact the Computer Science undergraduate advisors for an audit adjustment for the equivalencies above after your final grade is posted, or if you have questions about other engineering courses and their COMP equivalencies. Please note that two courses that preclude each other do not automatically mean that they are equivalent–though some may be. But in all cases, “preclusion” means you cannot get credit for both.

Important note on SYSC 2006: Although the courses are similar, SYSC 2006 is not equivalent to the Minor requirement COMP 2401.  This means that you have to take COMP 2401 for the Minor even if you have taken SYSC 2006 (but only if you added the Minor as of May 2019).  However, the two courses preclude each other, which means that you cannot get credit for both.  If you require SYSC 2006 for your B.Eng program, please consult with your engineering advisor.

Note for B.Comm students with a concentration in Info Systems or Finance

BUSI 2402 and COMP 1006 preclude each other for additional credit and are not considered equivalent. BUSI 2402 is a prohibited course in all Computer Science programs, including the Minor. Please refer to the Prohibited Courses list in the undergraduate calendar.

Programs restricted from adding a Minor in Computer Science

Please note that the following programs are restricted from adding a Minor in Computer Science:

  • Bioinformatics B.Sc. Honours
  • Cognitive Science with Concentration in Cognition and Computation Bachelor of Cognitive Science Honours
  • Computational Biochemistry B.Sc. Honours
  • Computer Science B.C.S. Honours, including all streams
  • Computer Science and Mathematics: Concentration in Computing Theory and Numerical Methods B.Math. Combined Honours
  • Computer Science and Mathematics: Concentration in Statistics and Computing B.Math. Combined Honours
  • Computer Systems Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
  • Economics B.Econ. Honours with Concentration in Computational Analysis
  • Information Resource Management B.I.T.
  • Interactive Multimedia and Design B.I.T.
  • Linguistics with a Concentration in Linguistic Theory (Computer Science) B.Sc. Honours
  • Linguistics with a Concentration in Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders (Computer Science) B.Sc. Honours
  • Network Technology B.I.T.
  • Optical Systems and Sensors B.I.T.
  • Software Engineering Bachelor of Engineering