Posted April 18, 2019

Minor closed to admission until May 2019

Due to large increases in enrolment in the Bachelor of Computer Science program, the Computer Science Minor is currently closed to admissions. However, admission will open in May under new rules (see the new 2019-20 undergraduate calendar in May for details).

Note for B.Eng students

The following engineering and computer science courses preclude each other and are considered equivalent:

ECOR 1606 & COMP 1005

SYSC 2004 & COMP 1006

SYSC 2100 & COMP 2402

SYSC 3010 or 3110 & COMP 2404

Important: SYSC 2006 precludes COMP 2401 but is no longer equivalent.  Students adding the minor as of May 2019 must take COMP 2401 regardless if they took SYSC 2006.

Please contact the undergraduate advisor for an audit adjustment for the equivalencies above after your final grade is posted.