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Carleton and The School of Computer Science offer many resources for instructors.

Technical Support

Instructor Technical Support Contact Information – Information for instructors on how to access various support staff.

Carleton Instructor Services

Below is a list of some Carleton services useful for Instructors.

Carleton Administrative Services

Below is a list of some Carleton services that pertain to various administrative tasks.

Admin Services:

Carleton Account & Email (cunet, cmail)

Carleton provides accounts to all community members to access various services, including email. Carleton Employees have accounts and students have accounts.

The university uses Office 365 (O365) as its official mail server. It is sometimes called cunet, Exchange or Outlook for Faculty and Staff, and cmail for students. As of Jan. 2019, you have a 50GB email quota., and email addresses and aliases are managed by ITS. Please see the ITS Email Support for assistance.

We strongly advise all Carleton employees and students to use Carleton’s email for Carleton’s business. We discourage forwarding Carleton email or communicating via a non-Carleton email provider.

SCS has its own legacy SCS email server. Many of the faculty and staff have addresses which signifies the SCS email server. Contact the SCS Tech Staff for assistance with this email.

Wireless & Remote Access

SCS Instructor Services

Instructor Course Information

Updating your Website profile

To update your research interests on the SCS website please submit this form:

Instructor Tech Budget Requests:
Every Fall Term, the School submits a Tech Budget request to support courses offered in the upcoming academic year.

  • If you require equipment or software for the operation of your course, then you can request financial support in the tech budget submission
  • If you wish to submit a request for a Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 course, you would have to submit your request before December 2021 (Fall 2021).
  • If the budget item is approved by the Dean of Science office, the funds are typically available after May 2022
  • Please submit your Tech budget items to the SCS Tech staff

SCS Account Information

Your SCS accounts is used for many different SCS provided services. Visit the SCS Online Account Management Tool to setup or update your account.
IMPORTANT: you must update your account every term!
Services accessed using your SCS Account:

Software & Storage

School of Computer Science students, faculty and staff have access to a variety of software packages through the School or through the University. Some examples include: MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, MS Office 365, IBM Academic Initiative, MatLab, Anti-Virus Software, etc.

SCS Computer Labs

Labs are available for student use and for tutorials, teaching assistants.

SCS Openstack and Virtual Machines for Courses & Research

The school provides a variety of virtualization support both for teaching COMP courses, and to support research within the department.

  • Openstack – provides compute resources to COMP courses for hosting servers or providing individual compute resources to every enrolled student
  • GPU Computing – provide COMP courses with access to GPU compute resources via Openstack
  • Virtual Machines – provide students with a pre-built environment that they can run on their own devices or in the cloud
  • Research Groups can also host their servers in the SCS Openstack which allows for near effortless management of the computing resources

SCS Server Room

The SCS Server room is a shared space where we host departmental teaching and research servers. Instructors and Researchers are encouraged to host their teaching and research servers in the server room using the SCS Openstack.

  • SCS Server Room – detailed information about the SCS server Room
  • Openstack – cloud computing platform used to host computer resources (servers) for SCS teaching and research

School of Computer Science (SCS) Services – General

Some of the many SCS Services include:

  • Short Term Loans:
    • portable projectors
    • laptops
    • digital camera
    • gaming consoles
    • PC components
    • Raspberry Pi
    • vintage computing parts and computers
  • Consultations
    • IT support and recommendations
    • Purchasing IT office equipment
    • Purchasing research equipment

General Student Services

This is a listing of frequently used students services provided by Carleton and SCS.