Once you have a university-wide ITS account, you will have:

  • university outlook email
  • access to WiFi via CUNET and EDUROAM

Campus Card Access

Your campus card also acts as an Access Card. The admin or tech staff can grant room or lab access to your card.


  • you will be added to a number of ITS alias lists (
  • you will be added to any applicable SCS aliases (

Drupal Account

All faculty require an SCS Drupal account so that they can upload their course material. The SCS Tech staff will set this up for you.

SCS Services


  • Offices have wired connections: they are either on the ITS (CNSP) or on the SCS (TLSP) network. There should be at least one DHCP connection available per office or lab.
  • you should have a telephone and extension number

SCS Website

  • you will have an SCS web profile that will be added by an SCS staff member. We will make arrangements with you to have your photo taken.
  • faculty have research information that is added in various places. Please fill out the following form: