SCS Laptop Requirement

The School of Computer Science requires that you have a laptop that meets recommended hardware specifications. These hardware recommendations will allow you to have a laptop that is equipped for your Computer Science courses.

Please note the laptop requirement will take effect once students are physically back on campus. At home, a desktop computer meeting the laptop specification is adequate.

Who is required to have a laptop?

Everyone enrolled in a 1st year COMP course during the 2020/21 school year is required to have a laptop. This includes COMP 1001, 1005 and 1006

Laptop Specifications

PC or MAC laptops with the following minimum specifications:

  • CPU: Intel i5/i7/i9/Xeon or AMD Ryzen line
  • 8 GB or more of RAM
  • 256 GB or larger hard drive (SSD drive recommended)
  • wireless networking (WiFi)
  • camera, mic and audio

Computers such as Netbooks, Chromebooks, Smartphones or atom processors are not suitable for the Computer Science program

For the details on laptop requirements refer to:

Stream Requirements

The following streams require specialized hardware.

Mobile Computing Stream

The Mobile Computing stream requires a laptop running Mac OS X. 

All students in the Mobile Computing Stream will be able choose either a Mac or a PC laptop. Please note that iPhone and iPad development can only be accomplished using the Xcode software development kit (SDK) provided by Apple running on Mac OS X. Therefore, if this type of development is a goal of yours, a Mac laptop would be a better choice for you.

Computer Game Development Stream

The Computer Game Development Stream requires a Windows 10 laptop and a GPU

The Computer Game Development Stream will be using DirectX that runs on Microsoft Windows.The laptop must include a GPU suitable to run recent PC games. There are no other requirements.

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