What are Virtual Machines
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About SCS (COMP) Course Virtual Machines
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What are Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are virtual computers running as an application on a host computer, such as your laptop. The Virtual Machine runs on top of your host computer’s operating system, using a virtualization tool called a hypervisor. This allows you to run any number of guest operating systems without impacting the operating system on your own host computer. For example, most of our courses use Virtual Machines built on the Linux environment. By taking advantage of hypervisor technology, students can continue to run their preferred operating system (Windows 10, Linux, older Intel based macOS devices, etc.), and run the course Virtual Machine on their computer like they would any other application. NOTE: Most hypervisors do NOT support the Apple M1 chipset. See this article for details.

Support: Getting Started and Getting Help

About SCS (COMP) Course Virtual Machines

The SCS Course Virtual Machines (SCS VMs) are all in VirtualBox .ova format (unless otherwise noted). Most will work fine with other hypervisors (KVM, VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.). The naming convention is the usually the course code COMPXXXX of the course it was built for, followed by an optional term, such as -F21 for Fall 2021, representing when it was created. Many VMs continue to be used for both future terms and different courses. Consult with your Instructor to determine the exact SCS VM you are expected to use for your course!

IMPORTANT: Some vital things to remember when working with SCS VMs:

  • SCS VMs require the VirtualBox Extension Pack (Installing VirtualBox Guide)
  • The current SCS VMs have been tested with VirtualBox 7.0.10 on Windows 10/11 and Linux
  • There are many known issues with pre 6.1.10 versions of VirtualBox in particular, please try to install 7.0.10 or newer
  • Older (Archived) SCS VMs are NOT tested on recent operating systems and newer versions of VirtualBox
  • Most hypervisors, including VirtualBox, do NOT support the Apple M1/M2 chipsets. So SCS VMs can not be used on those devices. See this article for details

Current SCS (COMP) Course Virtual Machines (2021/2022)

NOTE: Our CURRENT Virtual Machines typically use the credentials username: student / password: student (unless otherwise noted).

Virtual Machine
(SHA1 checksum)
OS Privileged
user / password
Staff / Faculty
UPDATED Aug 22, 2023
2.6 ubuntu
student / student C. Laurendeau
M. Lanthier
C. Hillen
A. Pullin
UPDATED May 10, 2024
2.2 ubuntu
student / student D. Hill
A. Pullin
UPDATED Aug 31, 2023
2.8 ubuntu
student / student A. Shaikhet
L. Nel
A. Pullin
UPDATED Aug 31, 2023
2.9 ubuntu
student / student V. Radonjic
A. Pullin
UPDATED Oct 03, 2023
1.2 fedora
fedora / Virtualbox M. Liu
(COMP5704 / COMP4009)
UPDATED Sep 22, 2022
3.2 ubuntu
student / student F. Dehne
UPDATED Feb 11, 2022
2.6 INM DBMS student / stu123 M. Liu

NOTE: Look here for the archive of Virtual Machines from previous years.