Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA) Forms & Policies

Research Lab Forms (key/card access request)

MCS Forms 
COMP 5905 Scheduling an MCS Thesis Defence
Accelerated Pathway MCS Accelerated Pathway Application
FGPA Thesis Requirements
PhD Forms 
COMP 6907 Comprehensive Advisory Committee & Reading List
COMP 6907 Comprehensive Exam Specification
COMP 6908 Doctoral Proposal Committee
COMP 6908 Scheduling a Doctoral Proposal
COMP 6909 Thesis Supervisor Information
COMP 6909 Thesis Defence Committee Specification
PhD PhD Seminar Requirement Form
PhD Progress report
FGPA Thesis Requirements
Other Forms 
Request for Permission to Audit a Course
Permission for credit (for non-OCICS courses)
Setting up a Directed Studies