Prior to graduation, all B.C.S. Honours students MUST complete either a 1-term Honours Project (COMP4905) or a 2-term Honours Thesis (COMP4906), whereas a Directed Study (COMP4901) is an optional 1-term course.  NOTE: the COMP 4906 option is available to students under the 2017-18 calendar year and onward.

A typical project/thesis will require around 100 hours of work per term. There are no classes. Rather, you will work on this project on your own (usually at home or in a lab at the University). Although you work on this project on your own, you will choose a supervisor who will oversee your work, provide guidance along the way and then grade your project/thesis when it is completed. It is strongly suggested that you begin your search for a supervisor the term prior to taking the project or thesis. Registration for either of these courses requires departmental approval. You will typically register for an Honours Thesis in the fall term, whereas an Honours Project or Directed Study can be done during any term, including summer. More details can be found below:

Honours Project (COMP 4905)

Honours Thesis (COMP 4906)

Directed Studies (COMP 4901)

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