Follow these instructions to submit your Honours Project/Thesis:

  1. Click on this link  to go to the web application that will allow you to upload your Honours Project/Thesis.
  2. Login to the system using the username and password that was emailed to your Carleton cmail account by the undergraduate advisor.  NOTE: This is NOT your Carleton cmail account, but a unique account used by all students to submit their honours projects/theses.
  3. At the top of the webpage, you should now see that a dark gray menu bar has appeared with a home symbol, an Add content menu and a Help menu. Under the Add content menu, select the Honours Project option. A new webpage form should appear.
  4. Complete the form, making sure that all required information (red *) has been entered. Make sure to select your supervisor from the drop-down Faculty  list.   If you have a supervisor who is not listed, select Adjunct Faculty/Other and then enter his/her name in the Co-Supervisor text field. Also, make sure to select the correct Term and Year, otherwise your project will not appear in the proper location. For the  Honours Project Title field, set it to the actual title of your project report. Fill in the Abstract … which should be a textual description of what your project was all about. You will also need to submit all of your Project Files (e.g., your report (pdf), zipped source code, data files, images, videos, etc..). These are submitted one at a time by using the Browse… and Upload buttons. You must also submit a 640×480 Cover Image file (png/jpg/gif) which is an image that represents what you did for your project/thesis. Choose a nice image that will be visually appealing to those who are browsing the Honours Project/Thesis listing. Finally, if you want, you can include an Upload description, which is text that describes the files that you have submitted. This is a useful location to provide instructions for your supervisor to make sense of everything that you submitted.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Logout via the link at the top right of the webpage’s menu bar.
  7. Go to the page that lists the Honours Project/Thesis Repository to make sure that it appears properly.