AbdelRahman Abdou Internet Security, Internet Measurements, Computer Systems Security, Software Defined-Network (SDN) Security.
Michel Barbeau Wireless Communications and Networking, software defined radio
David Barrera Computer and Network Security, Internet of Things Security, Operating Systems Security
Olga Baysal Software engineering, Mining Software Repositories, Human Aspects of Software Engineering, Data Science
Robert Biddle  Human Computer Interaction, Computer Security, Computer Games, Agile Software Development
Prosenjit Bose Algorithms, Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Graph Theory
Sonia Chiasson Usable Security, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Security
Robert Collier Genetic Algorithms, Computing Education
Jean-Pierre Corriveau  Object-Oriented Software Quality Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Contextualized Natural Language Understanding
Jim Davies Artificial intelligence; cognitive modeling; imagination; creativity; aesthetics; mental imagery; brain modeling
Frank Dehne Data science, high performance computing, parallel computing, computational biochemistry, online analytical processing
Dwight Deugo Mobile Computing, Peer-to-Peer Computing, Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Artificial Life), Object-Oriented Systems, Software Patterns, Programming Languages and Open Source Software.
Ahmed El-Roby Question Answering, Knowledge Graphs Analytics, Domain Adaptation, Data Integration, Sports Analytics.
Audrey Girouard Human Computer Interaction
Yuhong Guo Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Medical Data Analysis
Jason Hinek  Computer Science education, cryptology, security and in a previous life wood.
Mathew Holden Surgical Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer-Assisted Surgery
Douglas Howe  Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering
Majid Komeili Machine learning, deep learning, and related areas in computer vision and natural language processing.
Evangelos Kranakis Algorithmics, Distributed and Computational Biology, Distributed and Mobile Agent Computing, Networks (Ad Hoc, Communication, Sensor, Social, Wireless). Cryptographic and Network Security
Wilf Lalonde Animation Systems, Interactive 3D Games, Object-Oriented Systems, Parsers, and Computer Graphics
Mark Lanthier Robotics, Artificial Life, Computational Geometry
Edward Melcer Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Games, Tangibles, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Game Studies
Mengchi Liu Database Systems, Intelligent Information Systems, Web Technologies
Anil Maheshwari Design, Analysis and Implementation of Algorithms for Problems arising in Computational Geometry, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Data Science.
Nadine Moacdieh Human-computer interaction, user-centered design
Pat Morin Algorithms, data structures, graphs, and geometry
David Mould Computer Graphics, Computer Games
Louis Nel Computer Applications to Music., Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering
Doron Nussbaum Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Data Structures, Distributed Computing, GIS, Geographic Information Systems, Medical Computing, Parallel Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Robotics and Machine Vision, and Robotics
John Oommen Stochastic Learning, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
Jörg-Rüdiger Sack Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Data Structures, and GIS
Alina Shaikhet Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Visualization.
Alexa Sharp Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory, Network and Graph Theory
Michiel Smid Algorithms
Anil Somayaji Computer Security, Operating Systems, Intrusion Detection, Complex Adaptive Systems, Artificial Life
Elizabeth Stobert Usable security systems, applying research from cognitive science to improve the design of security systems. She is interested in usable authentication, usable security for healthcare, and security education.
Alan Tsang Computational Social Choice, Voting Theory, Social Network Simulations, Algorithmic Fairness, Fair Allocation.
Oliver van Kaick Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Computer Games
Paul Van Oorschot Authentication, Computer Security, Internet Security, Applied Cryptography, Information Security 
Junfeng Wen Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, Federated Learning
Lianying Zhao Trusted computing, Hardware/architectural security support, Systems security, Authentication and privacy.