accounts150Online Account Management

SCS online account creation and changing your password for your Windows lab, Linux (including SCS email) and Openstack accounts (NOTE: The types of accounts created will vary depending on your course enrollment)


The School of Computer Science offers different types of accounts:

  1. Windows Accounts
  2. Open Stack
  3. Linux Accounts

Getting Started with Creating a Lab Account

The following information will help you get started with creating and accessing your account in the SCS Computer Labs.

Step 1 – Register

You need to have a MyCarletonOne Account in order to create a School of Computer Science (SCS) Account.

Check the Carleton Central site to see if your registered in a Computer Science course. If your not registered in a Computer Science course you cannot create a Computer Science account.

Step 2 – Lab Access

The School of Computer Science has several student Computer Laboratories in the Herzberg building. Please check which labs you have access to.

Computer Laboratories

All SCS labs require access cards. Access will become available for authorized users at the start of each term.

Step 3 – Create your Account

There are two ways to create an SCS Lab account:

Step 4 – Getting Started in the Labs

Ask your course instructor which lab you will be using. Some labs require access cards and those labs will become accessible to you once the term starts. The lab machines are running the Windows operating system