Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for file hosting and sharing made available for Computer Science students. It is functionally similar to Dropbox.

Student Login Link

Account Creation

Account creation is based on SCS courses and is handled using the SCS online account management.

Account Duration

SCS students can have access to the SCS Nextcloud service for the duration of their time at the school. If you take one COMP-course then you can use Nextcloud for the duration of your course. As a BCS student you can keep your SCS Nextcloud account as long as you are enrolled in Computer Science.


Your SCS Nextcloud quota is set to 20GB.

Accessing all your SCS Files in one place

With Nextcloud its now possible to access all your SCS files in one place. You can see your SCS Windows account Z-drive files as well as your SCS Linux Account files under Nextcloud.

Changing your Password

You need to use the SCS online account management to change your password.

You can change your Nextcloud password within Nextcloud but it will not sync your password with the other SCS accounts. This will affect access to your Nextcloud attached mount points like the Windows Z-drive!


There is more documentation here!


Contact the SCS Tech Staff for all SCS Nextcloud questions