Getting Started
SCS Lab Virtual Machines
Remote Access to SCS Windows Lab Machines
Windows Z:\ Drive
Lab Basics

SCS Windows



The SCS lab machines are running the Windows operating system. Basic things you need to know:

  • The windows-image is not configurable, which means that you cannot install any software on it.
  • Only SCS students can create an account on the lab machines.
  • Windows Z:\ Drive has a limited amount of server space for you
  • You can access other operating systems using VirtualBox
  • You can connect to the Linux Network using a remote desktop application called x2go

IMPORTANT: Please remember not to save any files on your desktop. SCS uses Mandatory profiles, which means that ALL FILES SAVED ON YOUR DESKTOP WILL BE DELETED WHEN YOU LOG OUT. You can save files to the Windows Z:\ Drive, which is saved on the Windows file server, or save them to your USB drive or to the cloud.

Getting Started

SCS Lab Virtual Machines

The SCS Labs have VirtualBox installed that gives users the ability to run virtual operating systems. There are a number of virtual operating systems that have been specifically built for a course.

WARNING: The SCS Labs’ Virtual Machines RESET after you shut them down (or log out of windows). So changes to the VM, assignment files, etc. will be LOST if they are saved directly on the VM’s disk. However, you CAN save files in your SCS Windows Z: drive which is accessible within your Virtual Machine. The desktop of your Virtual Machine has a Shared Folders icon, which will have a link inside to your Z: drive. You can use this to save your files permanently. And your Z: drive can be accessed from any Windows PC and from the SCS NextCloud Service.

See the SCS Course Virtual Machine site for more information on Virtual Machines.

Remote Access to SCS Windows Lab Machines

You can access lab machines remotely using this remote access service. Please make sure you have created/updated your SCS account: SCS Account Management

Windows Z:\ Drive

Students have access to the Windows Z:\ drive which is a dedicated backed-up server space (hard disk quotas are in place). The Z-drive is accessible on all the SCS Windows lab computers and is a place where you can safely store your files.

The SCS Windows network is behind a firewall and cannot be accessed remotely. However, you can access your Z-drive remotely. There are two ways to do this: one is using SCS Nextcloudthe other is using a Linux script on the command line:

1. Access the Z-drive via SCS Nextcloud. SCS Nextcloud should be configured to mount your Windows Z-drive, log in and look for Windows Home.

2. Access your files using your SCS Linux account:

  1. ssh to
  2. ssh to vmicron01.scs.carleton.cathis server has access to the Z-drives
  3. run the program winftp (which uses smbclient) and log in using your windows account name and password
  4. When connected, you will see an smb: \> prompt. Type the help command to display all the commands available in smbclient. Some quick commands:
    • ls – list files in the Z-drive folder
    • get filename – download filename to your Linux account
    • mget file-matching-pattern – download all matching files.
      eg: mget *.java to get all .java files
    • !ls – list files in the local Linux account folder (the folder you were in when you ran winftp)
    • put filename – upload filename from your Linux account

Lab Basics