Your NextCloud Account
Cloud Storage Information
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NextCloud is a suite of client-server software used for hosting and sharing files. This service is offered to Computer Science students enrolled in courses which can make use of large file sharing. NextCloud functions similar to other cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

In addition to receiving 10GB of cloud storage hosted by the SCS, students will also be able to access their Windows Z:\ drive and their Linux account files.

Your NextCloud Account

Your NextCloud account is tied to your SCS Account. To access NextCloud, you will need to be enrolled in a course which is using the NextCloud service.

Creating an Account, Changing Passwords, and Logging In

Your NextCloud account access makes use of your existing SCS Account. To create a new account, or to change your password, you can visit the Online Account Management form. With this form, you can create a new SCS Account. If you already have an account, this form can also be used to change your password. You will require your MyCarletonOne credentials to create a new account or change your current SCS Account password.

Looking to create an account or change your password using the SCS Windows Lab computers? Simply login to the lab computer using newacct as the username and leave the password blank. This will direct you to the Online Account Management form which will allow you to create a new SCS account or change your password using your MyCarletonOne credentials.

Note: While you can change your password on the NextCloud web interface. the password change will not affect your SCS account. Changing your account may affect your access to other SCS network drives and is not recommended. If you would like to change your password, make use of the Online Account Management form.

Account Qualifications and Duration

You must be taking a course which is using NextCloud in order to have a NextCloud account. Once you are no longer enrolled in a course which uses the NextCloud service, you will no longer be able to access it.

Not sure if you qualify for a NextCloud account? Your instructor will direct you to the service if you are qualified. To check if your account has already been enabled, you can login to the NextCloud web interface here.

Cloud Storage Information

Your NextCloud storage offers you 10GB of storage space. In addition to the NextCloud storage, you will also be able to access your SCS Windows account Z:\ drive files as well as your SCS Linux Account files.

Note: The NextCloud storage is not regularly backed up. While some backups are available, you are responsible for creating an additional backup of any files you store in the NextCloud storage to avoid unexpected data loss.

  • 10GB of cloud storage
  • Access your SCS Windows and Linux files from a web interface

Additional Guides and Support

Want to learn more about the NextCloud service?

Check out the documentation here to get started with services like:

  • Circles: A great way to collaborate with other students and faculty
  • Sharing: Learn how to share files with other users
  • Pico CMS: Get a simple website up and running using NextCloud

Looking for support?

Contact the SCS Tech Staff for all SCS NexCloud questions.