COMP 5913: MCS Co-op

The Graduate Calendar lists that the co-operative option is available to full-time students in the Masters of Computer Science. Co-operative education is based on the principle that academic studies combined with work experience are desirable for effective professional preparation.

In addition to all other requirements for the degree, students admitted to the co-operative option must satisfactorily complete two work term placements with a suitable employer in order to graduate with a co-op designation on their transcripts and diplomas. It is desirable that the work placements be related to the student’s research. Placements are subject to the approval of the Graduate Director and the student’s Thesis/Project supervisor. These work terms are four months duration, and students will conduct job searches through the university’s co-op office. During a work term, students will register in COMP 5913. While on a work term, students in this option are limited to one additional 0.5-credit course or registration in their thesis.

Students in the co-op option typically apply for admission to the co-operative option during their first academic term. This option requires an initial study period of two academic terms, typically followed by two work terms and a final academic period to complete the remaining requirements for the degree. The student must submit a work term report upon the completion of each work placement, and receive a grade of Satisfactory in order to meet the requirements for the successful completion of that work term’s requirement.

Applying for Co-op Option:

All of the below requirements must be satisfied to be eligible for Co-op:

  • The student applies at the end of the first term and must have a minimum of A- in at least two courses at the COMP 5xxx level.
  • By the time the student starts their first co-op term, they must have at least completed four graduate courses and have a minimum of A- in each of these courses. If they do not, they will not be pulled from the first co-op placement but may not be allowed to continue in the co-op option.
  • Students typically take their first term of co-op in the summer term and the second co-op in the fall term. Each work term is of 4 months duration. Students pursuing co-op get two extra terms to complete their program.