Computer Laboratories


The SCS computer labs consist of standard PC’s that run a non-configurable Windows operating system (users cannot install any software). Software needed for SCS courses is installed on all the systems.

All lab users must create an SCS Windows Account using the online account creation system.

There are more than 195 windows workstations available for student use spread across 8 laboratories. Some labs require swipe card access, the access to a lab is dependent on the Computer Science course that your currently enrolled in. The computer labs are booked for tutorials, in-lab-exams and special events. All Carleton students can use Carleton University printers via the CU on the GO printing service.

The SCS Help Desk is located in room HP5161 and can be used for account and lab problems only. The SCS help desk is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 12:00, and 13:00 – 16:00

Lab Schedule: Winter 2017

Lab # #PCs Name Access Type Schedule
HP1170 7 SCS TA Room Open during TA hours Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 8:30pm

TA Office Hours for ALL COMP courses except COMP1005/1405 & COMP1006/1406

HP3115 30 SCS Undergraduate Laboratory Open to all SCS students 24/7

HP3115 Schedule (Winter 2017)

HP3341 30 SCS TA Room / SCS Undergraduate Laboratory Open to SCS Students Building Hours

TA Office Hours for COMP1005/1405 & COMP1006/1406

HP4115 30 Sr. Undergraduate BCS Lab COMP 3XXX and above 24/7
HP4125 0 Undergrad. BCS Teaching Lab COMP1005 and above 24/7

HP4125 Winter 2017

HP4155 78 Tutorial Lab COMP1005 and above 24/7

HP4155 Schedule

HP5151 22 Game Development Lab Open to all game stream students Building Hours

HP5151 Schedule (Winter 2017)

(*) The labs are open during the official Herzberg building hours and closed otherwise


The School of Computer Science is using Campus Card Access for its laboratories. This means that you can use your Campus Card to enter the labs.

Your lab access is based on the program and course that you are currently enrolled in. For example, if you are enrolled in COMP3004 in the fall term then your access for the lab will commence on the first day of the fall term and end at the last day of the fall term (unless otherwise posted).

Please note that only Computer Science students have access to these facilities. Individuals that gain access to the space and are not eligible to be in the space can be reported to the Department of University Safety. Many of the labs are monitored both with video surveillance and using swipe-card access.

For problems concerning the Campus Card Access system please contact the SCS Technical Staff.