The Senior Management Committee met on Dec. 8 and the following policies were reviewed and approved:

Bicycle, E-Bikes, Rollerblade, Scooter and Skateboard Policy

  • Addition of e-bikes
  • Policy clarified motorized accessible scooters are exempt
  • Regulation section updated to indicate designated parking/storage areas
  • Update under enforcement section

Alcohol and Cannabis Use Policy

  • Reviewed and removed stigmatizing language. Sought assistance from Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) Systemic Stigma Navigator to include the voice of persons with lived experience of substance use.
  • Edited roles in several areas to reflect the new structure of the Student Affairs team to include a Director, Student Care & Support, Mental Health and Conduct. Many of the responsibilities fall under the VP Students and Enrollment or a chosen Delegate.
  • Changed verbiage around cannabis to “consumption” as opposed to “smoking” to better represent the variety of ingestion methods possible.
  • Changed verbiage regarding “on campus” activities to “University property” to reflect the recent acquisition of Dominion Chalmers and to future proof the scope of the policy to ensure it remains applicable in the event of further University expansion.
  • Included additional forms of government issued identification used to verify legal age of entry/consumption. Updated to accept Indian Status Cards and passports from other countries in the case of international students/guests
  • Enhanced language regarding the provision of safe transport to individuals who appear to be impaired when leaving a campus event engaged in the provision of cannabis or alcohol. The new language clarifies the responsibility of the host or organizer of an event to provide a taxi chit or designated driver service to those who have no other safe means of transportation and appear impaired.
  • Updated Residence section of the policy to direct the reader to the Residence Standards via a hyperlink to the Standards rather than listing sections of the Residence Standards in the policy. This is to allow for greater flexibility for the Residence Life team to respond to substance use patters as the Standards are updated more frequently than the Alcohol and Cannabis Use Policy and is consistent with formatting (using links) in other university policies.
  • Updated roles to reflect new organizational structure for Athletics in regard to event approvals involving the provision of alcohol or cannabis.
  • Updated forms and checklists in appendices to reflect changes to the policy.
  • Added “Related Policies” section to direct reader to additional or overlapping policies.

Environmental Health and Safety Policy and guidelines

  • Responsible department changed to Office of Risk Management
  • Added “Purpose” and “Procedure” sections

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

  • Responsible department changed to Office of Risk Management
  • Added “Purpose” and “Procedure” sections

Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy

  • Responsible department changed to Office of Risk Management
  • Added “Purpose” and “Procedure” sections

Information Technology Security Policy (minor updates)

Web versions of all policies are made available for convenience on the University Secretariat website. For more information, contact Amanda Goth, University Secretary, at or 613-520-2600 ext. 2386