While vaccines offer a welcome ray of hope, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely affect numerous aspects of our life. The role of public policy has rarely been as important as in addressing such an enormous challenge. During their time at the SPPA, health policy is one key area of public interventions that MPPA students cover in PADM 5221. In the Fall 2020 term, Associate Professor Mehdi Ammi asked his PADM 5221 students to reflect on a COVID health policy project. The work occurred during the full term, with students selecting area of their own interests, developing their research questions, implementing their research plans, writing up their findings and preparing short video presentations. The topics covered include mental health, health equity, health technology, personal protective equipment, public health communication and long-term care. The key findings and policy implications of these PADM 5221 COVID health policy projects are now available for viewing in three-minutes videos. Enjoy your watch!