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Christopher Stoney

Community engagement in neighbourhood urban planning; emergency management and preparedness; intergovernmental relations; regulation, procurement and accountability

Phone:613-520-2600 x 2640
Office:5207 Richcraft Hall

Associate Professor

BA Honours, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
MA in Public Policy and Administration (Carleton University, Canada)
PhD (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)

As the Director for the Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE), Chris’s main research focus has examined infrastructure and urban sustainability and identifies barriers and opportunities in the field.  His background in public management, federal and municipal government have enabled him to bring a governance lens to analyse urban sprawl and key decisions about transportation and infrastructure, land-use planning, housing and energy. His findings illustrate that governance and systems of governance are crucial in understanding infrastructure policies and choices and, ultimately, the kinds of cities they produce.

Local decision-making and municipal government is intended to be the most inclusive, representative and transparent of all levels of government.  As cities continue to increase in size and importance they face challenges to maintain these qualities and adapt their governance structure to adapt to growing responsibilities, demands and technologies.  For economic, social, political and democratic reasons understanding the role and potential of cities has become crucial not only for municipal government but also for regional and national governments who must find ways to play an enabling role in developing urban centres and enhancing the quality of life for urban, sub-urban and rural based citizens. 

In addition to an urban research focus my research also focuses on federal government including key aspects of “good governance” in areas such as transparency, accountability and procurement as well the changing relationship between public servants and elected officials.  

Strategic management in a public sector context provides another focus for my research and, in particular, the complexity of planning for emergency and crisis situation following natural and man-made disaster.

Selected publications and funded research

Journal Articles (Selected)

Missed Opportunities: Public Health Disaster Management in Canada.‘ Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, (JPMSP), Volume 21, Issue 2. 2015 (with L. Gorman) 

‘Ad hoc Rules, Rights, and Rituals: The Politics of Mass Death’, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 2014, Vol. 22 No. 4 pp: 223-237 

‘Crisis and opportunism: Public finances from stimulus to austerity in Canada’, Alternative Routes, Vol. 24 (2013) (with Tamara Krawchenko).

‘Transparency and Accountability in Infrastructure Stimulus Spending: A Comparison of Canadian, Australian and US Programs’ Canadian Public Administration, Volume 55, Issue 4 (December 2012).

‘Public Private Partnerships and the Implications for Transparency, Participation and the Public Interest: A Case Study of Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park Development’, Journal of the Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research ANSERJ, 2(2) November 2011.

‘Steadily Increasing Control: The Professionalization of Mass Death’, with Joe Scanlon et alJournal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Vol. 19, Issue 2, pp. 66-74, 2011  Blackwell- Wiley

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The State of Play: An International Comparison of Innovation in Local Government, with Martin, J. and Spano A., expected late 2016) 

How Ottawa Spends 2016-17 Expected Fall 2016), with G.B. Doern


How Ottawa Spends: The Liberal Rise and the Tory Demise 2015-2016: with G.B. Doern, Brown’s Publishing (Feb 2016).

Green-Lite: 50 Years of Canadian Environmental Policy, Democracy and Governance MQUP with G.B.Doern and G. Auld 2015).

How Ottawa Spends 2014-2015: The Harper Government: Good to Go?, with G.B. Doern, 2014, MQUP. 

How Ottawa Spends 2013-14: The Harper Government: Mid-term Blues and Long-term Plans, with G.B. Doern, September 2013, MQUP

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How Ottawa Spends 2010-2011, ‘Reform and Realignment in a time of Crisis’ with G. B. Doern MQUP 2010

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Book Chapters (Selected)

‘Leaner and Meaner: Government Spending from Stimulus to Austerity’ in The Harper Record 2008-2015 pp. 271-285, Eds. Healy, S. and L.Trew, October 2015, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, pp. 271-285 (with Tamara Krawchenko)

‘Justin Trudeau and Leadership Idolization: The Centralization of Power in Canadian Politics and Political Parties’ in How Ottawa Spends 2014-15, Chapter 5 with MacNaughton, C., 2014.

‘The Harper Government: Mid-term Blues and Long-term Plans, with G.B. Doern, September 2013, in How Ottawa Spends 2013-14, Chapter 1, eds. Stoney C. and G.B. Doern. MQUP.

‘Public Private Partnerships in Canada: Current Issues, Dilemmas and Concerns’, in New Technologies in Public Administration as Reflected by Canadian and Russian Experience: («Новые технологии государственного управления в зеркале канадского и российского опыта») January 2013, Moscow Press

‘SARS in Canada’ in SARS from East to West, Edited by Eva-Karin Olsson and Lan Xue, November 2011, Lexington Books (with Dan Markel).

‘Do institutions responsible for parliamentary oversight offer better tools for scrutinizing and improving governance (with R. Shepherd)? Chapter 7, Contemporary Debates in Public Administration F. Omeheng, Edmond Montgomery Publications (Winter 2010-11)’.

Research Reports (Selected)

Business Transformation – Best Practices for Social and Affordable Housing Final Report, submitted to the Housing Services Corporation April 7, 2015 (with S. Pomeroy and N. Falvo)

What now for Financing Infrastructure in Canada? February 2013 (with Milana Simalchuk) 

Final Report for DND and CAE, “Governance Issues for ACCORD” February 2012 (with G. Luomo).

Final Report for the Public Works & Government Services Canada, Regulation and SMEs: an international comparison, March 2012 (Co-author with Tara Hartley)

Final Report for the Red Tape Reduction Commission, Designing Smart Regulation, October 2011

Final Report for Infrastructure Canada (INFC), ‘The Gasoline Tax and Infrastructure Funding: An Examination of Governance Structures and Spending Patterns’, March 2010.


As director of the Centre for Research and Education (CURE) Chris has been responsible for securing and managing funds for research into infrastructure investment and programs such as the gas tax fund and also studies in citizen engagement projects.  Recently he has partnered with CURE Research Fellows Steve Pomeroy and Nick Falvo to secure funding for housing policy related funding.  He is also a fellow of the 3Ci research centre and is currently collaborating with the social innovation laboratory at Carleton (1125), and the Milieu research team to secure funding for the development innovating “app” technology aimed at enhancing citizen engagement in land use planning.

Teaching (selected)

Public Management

Local and Urban Governance

Strategic Management

Organization Theory

Recent supervisions (Selected)

PhDs (In Progress)

Infrastructure Financing: Infrastructure Banks and the Use of Pension Funds

An examination of Multi-level Governance in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Municipal Sustainable Development and Climate Change

PhDs (Completed)

Privatizing Federal Ports and Airports (Mark Davis 2011-2015)

Special Purpose Operating Boards for Urban Transportation: Review of Metrolinx and Translink (Tamara Krawchenko 2008-2012)

Privatizing the LCBO and Alberta Liquor Boards (Malcolm Bird 2005-2009) 

Master’s and Undergraduate Supervisions:

Over the past six years, I have completed supervisions of 14 Master’s level Research Essays, 32 directed studies and 16 BA Honour’s theses. In 2005 I was awarded the ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ by the School of Public Policy and Administration’s Student Society, one of the criteria being the quality of supervision and research training.

Recent editorships, academic offices and advisory roles

Co-editor of How Ottawa Spends 2009-present – Currently overseeing transition to peer review and online digital version

Director of Carleton University’s Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE)

Senior Fellow with the Centre for Governance and Public Management (CGPM)

Research Fellow 3Ci

Member ICUE (Initiative for Community-University Engagement)

Member of the City of Ottawa’s Knowledge Transfer Roundtable, which advises the City on its Community development framework and develops community based policies.

Advisor and participant at conferences organized by the Canada School of Management

Advisor (land use planning) Citizen’s Academy civic engagement boot camp 2012-current. 

Expert Advisor

  • Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Office of the Auditor General of Canada, April 2015 – May 2016
  • Parliamentary Committee on Transport Infrastructure and Communities, April 25, 2013

Awards and distinctions

Recipient of the Carleton University teaching award 2010

Recipient of the Faculty of Public Affairs teaching award 2009