Online Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses to give teachers the tools to host more technology-based content in their classrooms. Our asynchronous online courses will guide you through the ins and outs of different software, hardware, and digital skills.

Knowing that many schools do not own or have the funding to purchase the technology, all our content will focus on content using free or low cost software!

These courses will be open until April 30, 2024.

Game Development and Coding for Ontario Math Curriculum (7-12)

Explore the potential of game-based learning in teaching math concepts! This course aims to empower educators to harness the creative potential of coding as a tool to design educational math games. Discover the seamless integration of gaming and math in the classroom while aligning with the Ontario Math curriculum. Unleash your students’ creativity and enhance their learning experience.

Introduction to Python Programming for Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum (7-12)

Discover the world of Python programming! This course is designed to equip educators with the skills to seamlessly integrate coding into their lessons, fostering interactive and immersive learning experiences. Develop captivating programs and inspire students through hands-on coding projects. Unlock the potential of Python to enhance teaching and understanding of the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum.