Art.  History.  Tuition.
These are cringe worthy words a parent might not want to hear…
“What will you do with THAT?”

Business.  Networking.  Investments.
Sounds more solid, right?
These might not be words you associate with Art History…

Art History and Business.
An unexpected pairing?

I want to use this series to offer a different perspective as to how you can embrace Art History and apply it to business.

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University is extremely self-enriching and is the place for exploring different ideas. I will share my experiences learning about Art History in the classroom while also learning about business outside the classroom. Not only are the professors supportive, but fellow students are too! Carleton offers many resources to help you succeed, as long you avail yourself of them.

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The best advice I heard on my very first day of university was: enjoy getting lost! We are so accustomed to mapping our life and knowing our bearings that it’s refreshing to try letting yourself get lost. This worked for me. I was able to set different goals for myself with no definite end result. You’ll find that your experience at university will reveal your interests and subconsciously lead you to what you want to do. This is how I learned of my love for Art and Business.