Introducing Render’s New Blog
October 27, 2015

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Dearest friends, colleagues, and readers:

I am pleased to announce that our graduate journal of art and culture has joined the blogosphere! While Render will still eagerly publish our yearly journal, we the editorial team are happy to introduce this blog as a space for our graduate students to more regularly express their thoughts on art, culture, graduate school, post-grad life and the like. After all, writing is thinking as they say.

As this blog is a new platform for Render, we are excited to help it grow and explore all the possibilities of what it might be.

We invite submissions from current and recent Carleton graduate students in any disciplines dealing with art and culture (i.e. Art History, Music, Film, English, Canadian Studies, History and many more). Proposals of 200 words or less can be sent to for review by the editorial team.

Authors of accepted proposals will be contacted to discuss suitable formatting and deadlines.

Potential blog post topics include (but are by no means limited to!):

  • Exhibition reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Reflections on current research
  • Writing tips
  • Close analysis of art works
  • Reflections on conferences attended
  • Thoughts on looking ahead
  • Reflections on museum/gallery experiences

We encourage and look forward to hearing all of your ideas!

In addition to posts by Carleton graduate students and recent grads, the editorial team will be working on bringing you regular posts including interviews with recent graduates and guest-posts featuring advice from recent graduates on topics relating to graduate studies and post-grad life.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you back as contributors and readers of some wonderful and thought-provoking posts!


The Render Editorial Team