A conversation with architect Barry Padolsky about the lantern tower at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

View of the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Onatio.

The Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa.

As some readers of this blog will know, bad modern additions to historic buildings really bug me. Good ones, though, get me excited. And in my view, the lantern tower at the Canadian Museum of Nature is a good one.

I chatted with one of the architects responsible for it, Barry Padolsky, about the Museum of Nature project in particular, and more broadly about the challenges encountered when making new additions to old buildings.

Barry Padolsky is an Ottawa-based architect, urban designer and heritage consultant with over 50 years of experience. As the principal of his firm, Barry Padolsky & Associates Inc. Architects, he has led close to two hundred significant architectural, urban design and heritage conservation projects and numerous smaller projects in the National Capital Region. He was inducted into the Order of Ottawa in 2021.

Peter Coffman

Supervisor, History & Theory of Architecture program