Worlding Public Cultures (WPC) is a series of international gatherings led by a group of scholars, including Carleton Professors Ming Tiampo, Birgit Hopfener, and Carmen Robertson.

The WPC 2023 Worlding Tiohtià:ke/Montreal colloque and exhibition, the last in a series of international gatherings,  ask three main questions: To what extent do current scholarship in global art histories, museum studies, and radical pedagogies demonstrate critical awareness of and engagement with, diverse ethnocultural communities who are at home in diaspora and/or unsettled racialized arrivants on unceded Indigenous lands? How can we understand Global South and Global North not as binary categories, but as overlapping networks and territories? How are these networks emerging in and being engaged within Montreal’s culturally and linguistically diverse art and cultural landscape? This line of questioning in fact arose from the second, equally important part of our goal, which is to showcase, with intentionality, what we have learnt from the four WPC academies—lessons that range from heretofore indiscernible injustices to intellectual growth and research synergies.

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