How do I change my degree?

If you would like to change your degree (i.e. switch from a Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Science) you will need to fill out an internal application from the Admissions Office.

To be eligible to change degrees, you will have to meet the requirements for the new degree. This can include:

  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements/ prerequisites from high school
  • Fulfill additional CGPA requirements as required (based on advanced standing)

Please note that you can only change your degree to be effective for the beginning of each semester and not all degrees are open for winter admission.

Regardless of your current academic progress, it is recommended you discuss your change of degree plan with an academic advisor at the Academic Advising Centre to review “what if” audits, discuss eligibility, and identify implications of the change on your academic plans.

As Carleton University continues to follow our safe meeting and social distancing guidelines, the Academic Advising Centre has transitioned to providing remote support for students.  The best way to connect with our office is by using our Academic Advising Request Form. You can also email us at from your CMAIL email account.  Don’t forget to include your student number.