Managing Director
Suske Capital
Oakville, ON

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When I applied to the College of Humanities in 1997, I could never have imagined the breadth of opportunities the program would afford me.

During my four years at the College, I was given many gifts. I learned how to write. I learned how not to write.  I was taught rhetorical skills I have used every day since.  I was trained to read with a critical eye and the gift of context. I was immersed in history, tackling it from all angles. I developed an appreciation for opera. I was able to read philosophy until I just didn’t want to anymore.

I have used these gifts towards many pursuits. I have managed people, an arcade, a banquet hall, and a marina. I did facilities management for the Canadian Space Agency. I have consulted for Fortune 500 companies. I worked in finance for Credit Suisse on Bay Street. I appraised multi-million dollar commercial properties.

Currently, I work as the Managing Director of Suske Capital, a Canadian boutique private equity firm that invests in real estate, finance, emerging technology, alternative energy and healthcare.

In short, I have used my education in the Bachelor of Humanities to convince people to give me the job I wanted, and to prove to them every day that I deserved to be there.

Sarah Cathrae has worked in many roles as a Management Consultant, Building Operator, Financial Analyst, Valuation Consultant, and is currently the Managing Director of Suske Capital.

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