Since its founding in 2016, the Humanities Social Society has been striving to foster a sense of community and a welcoming environment, bringing Humanities students together through a range of events and activities.

In the past, we have organized social and academic events from game nights to trips to the National Gallery of Canada and paper editing sessions. Our events allow students to become involved in activities that interest them while giving them the opportunity to get to know their peers, while our larger inter-year events will allow students from different years in the program to interact.


The Humanities program is more than a place of study, it is a place to connect with your fellow students and professors on a personal level. As you begin your first year in the program, you will come to realize that our corner in Paterson Hall is more reminiscent of a family than a classroom.

This coming year will be challenging on many levels. While we cannot physically be close to one another, we are entering a time where social connections have never been more important. We are eager to meet the challenges that we will face and adapt. We have already begun to plan virtual events and activities, as well as social distancing activities that we plan to pursue once regulations allow us. Among our ideas are virtual and social distancing movie nights, virtual game and craft nights, social distancing Pictionary, and many more. We cannot wait to ‘see’ you all this fall. Welcome to the College of Humanities!


Danielle Matta, Chair

Jen Jeyanandan, Vice-Chair

Charlotte Rahme, Secretary

HSS Activities