Bachelor of Humanities Overview

Students and Alumni

Rosa Saba — TED-Style Talk— “How Humanities Made Me a Better Journalist”

Barâa Arar — TED-Style Talk— “Why I Believe Stories Matter”

Jen Carswell — TED-Style Talk— “Humanities in 3Ds: Discover, Difficulty, Different”

Melanie Coughlin — TED-Style Talk — “Studying the Humanities from a Daoist Appreciation of the Usefulness of the Useless”

Aleksander Godlewski — Humanities and Biology

Kwende Kefentse — Humanities and Cultural Planning

Jean-Noé Landry — TED-Style Talk — “Contemplating and acting the Humanities in Kabul, with Russia’s Political Dissidents, and Jack Layton”

Lauren Morry — Carleton Stories

Ashley Nickell — Carleton Stories

Graeme O’Farrell — TED-Style Talk — “Give the Kids Plato, or How Books Saved My Life”

Dan Parker — TED-Style Talk — “A Humanities Education is a Tool for Solidarity and Social Change”


Waller R. Newell — “The Birth of the B.Hum.”

Prof. Waller Newell addressed students and alumni, giving his reflections on the founding of the Bachelor of Humanities and its progress over the years.

Campus Tour with B.Hum. Student Samantha Leman