Department of Biology Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2016-17

Seminars take place in CTTC 4440Q at 3:30 p.m.  unless otherwise noted

Date Speaker Title Host Lab Location
08/09/2016 Dr. Ingo Schlupp Ecology and evolution of the Amazon molly: a fish with no sex Godin Nesbitt 206
09/09/2016 Dr. John Dwyer Learning ecological lessons in human-modified landscapes Bennett UC 282
12/09/2016 Dr. David Inouye The effects of global and regional climate change on phenology of wildflowers and animals in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Gorelick Nesbitt 206
23/09/2016 Dr. David Philipp The many impacts of angling for nesting bass Cooke UC 282
30/09/2016 Various Panel Discussion: How to land a faculty position Bennett, Bertram 4440Q CTTC
07/10/2016 Jenny McCune The role of the landscape and its history in plant community dynamics Bennett 4440Q CTTC
18/10/2016 Dr. Richard Schuster Cross-boundary Planning for Resilience and Restoration of Endangered Ecosystems Bennett 4440Q CTTC
28/10/2016 FALL BREAK No Seminar This Week
11/11/2016 Sebastian Seibold Biodiversity in dead wood – effects of forest management and prospects for conservation in Europe Fahrig 4440Q CTTC
25/11/2016 Hamad Najafabadi Decoding the programs that govern mRNA stability Golshani 4440Q CTTC
02/12/2016 Dr. Mike Donaldson Science communication: strategies to effectively reach the intended audience Cooke 4440Q CTTC
6/12/2016 at 1 p.m. Dr. Fran Tyler Sexual selection driving speciation and cryptic selection on traits; examples from Gryllus and Drosophila Bertram 4440Q CTTC
13/01/2017 Raine Kortet Aquatic & behavioural ecology Bertram 4440Q CTTC
27/01/2017 Dr. Stacey Robinson Neonicotinoids and their effects on non-target organisms Forbes 4440Q CTTC
10/02/2017 CANCELLED

Marie-Claude Audet

Wong 4440Q CTTC
24/02/2017 WINTER BREAK No Seminar This Week


10:00 a.m.

Jacqueline Monaghan Molecular mechanisms regulating immune signaling in plants Rowland  4440Q CTTC
10/03/2017 Steve Whyard Silence of the genes – developing species-specific pest control using RNA interference technologies Forbes  4440Q CTTC


Mark Vellend Climate change and the influence of biotic interactions on range limits Bennett  4440Q CTTC
17/03/2017 Joanne Webster Carmody Lecture: Epidemiology and evolution of zoonotic schistosomiasis in a changing world Biology Dept.
24/03/2017 Zhongmin Dong McCully Lecture: Why do legume nodules evolve hydrogen gas? Hepworth 4440Q CTTC
31/03/2017 Scott Wilson, Adjunt seminar Drivers of population change throughout the annual cycle in Neotropical migratory birds Bennett, Fahrig  4440Q CTTC
07/04/2017 Andrew Hendry Eco-evolutionary dynamics Cooke/Simons  4440Q CTTC


Troy McMullin Lichenizing with Dr. Troy McMullin

Adjunct Application Seminar

4440Q CTTC
21/04/2017 Gregory Mitchell Determinants and consequences of migratory departure decisions for songbirds with respect to wind conditions aloft

Adjunct Application Seminar

 Bennett  4440Q CTTC
24/04/2017 Tom Glover Experimentally Defining Mechanisms and Risk Factors for Mammalian CNVs 4440Q CTTC
05/05/2017 Julian Evans Group behaviours and social information use in birds  Sherratt 4440Q CTTC
12/05/2017  Adam Smith Tracking non-linear temporal patterns in bird populations with Bayesian hierarchical models  Cooke 4440Q CTTC
19/05/2017 Jason O’Brien Molecular Ecotoxicology at Environment and Climate Change Canada: Protecting Wildlife (and their Genomes) from the Effects of Environmental Pollutants  Willmore 4440Q CTTC
23/05/2017 Nicholas Lapointe Aquatic conservation – threats and solutions  Cooke 4440Q CTTC
25/05/2017 Megan Bailey Effective fisheries management through seafood traceability 4440Q CTTC
02/06/2017 Mike Mesterton-Gibbons Defence and Rearguard Action: Models of Behaviours Observed in a Cichlid and a Parasitoid Wasp Sherratt 4440Q CTTC
16/06/2017 Bahram Samanfar Soybean applied genomics with a Western Canada perspective Golshani 4440Q CTTC
13/07/2017 Jomar Rabajante Parameter Range of Red Queen Cycles in Multi-Host and Multi-Parasite Coevolution Forbes 4440Q CTTC
19/07/2017 Claudia Bank Fitness landscapes and the predictability of evolution Wong 4440Q CTTC