1. Launch the app – If you have already installed the software, launch the software by clicking on the application on your computer.  If you have not installed the software, see How to Install Capture.   
  2. Set up – Make sure your microphone is working and select the screen and/or camera you want to record.
    • NOTE: By default, the application will record your computer screen and the webcam. 
  3. Record – Click the red button to start recording. You will see a 3-second countdown and then your recording will start. If you decide to cancel your recording during the 3-second countdown, click Cancel.                                                  
    • NOTE: When the recording begins, the duration of your recording is displayed in the Recording Menu (this will not be recorded on the video).
  4. Annotate – To add annotations on the screen during the recording, click on the pencil icon in the recording menu.
  5. Customize – Use the following tools to enhance and personalize your recording:
    • Pencil: draw and handwrite
    •  Arrow: add an arrow
    •  Text: add a text box
    •  Cursor: highlight mouse clicks during the recording
    •  Select: highlight a selected area on your screen during the recording
  6. Stop Recording – When you finish recording, click the white Stop button to stop recording.


  • Do a test recording a few days in advance of when you need it. This ensures you have sufficient time for troubleshooting in the event that your computer, Internet, or technical skills require extra attention.
  • Exit any unnecessary applications and browser tabs. These all user ram that may be required by the recording application.
  • Turn computer notifications, limit background noise, and silence anything that rings, hums, or ticks.

Save and Upload Your Recording

  1. After you stop your recording you will be directed to the Entry page where you need to enter the following information:
    • Title of the recording
    • Description
    • Tags
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Delete to delete your entry
    • Save and Upload to upload to MediaSpace
    • Save to save to your local library only. You will be able to upload to MediaSpace at a later time
    • New recording to do another recording (you will be prompted with a confirmation that you indeed want to leave without saving your previous recording)       
  3.  An upload progress bar is displayed and a successful upload message appears when the upload is complete.

NOTE: When you save a recording without uploading to MediaSpace, you will be taken to your Kaltura library and have the options to upload or delete your media.