1. TechSmith Relay End of Life –  December 31, 2019
  2. Accessing Your TechSmith Relay Videos
  3. Carleton’s Recommended Screen Recording Alternative: Kaltura
  4. Comparison: TechSmith vs Kaltura
  5. Screencast End of Life
  6. Media Migration Request

TechSmith Relay End of Life –  December 31, 2019

As of December 31, 2019, TechSmith Relay will no longer be available to faculty or students at Carleton University. TechSmith Corporation is discontinuing all of its self-hosted Relay products, including its Relay Recorder (screen recording tool) and its mobile app Fuse. As a result, Carleton will no longer be providing support for TechSmith Relay.

The videos you have recorded in the past with Relay are hosted on Screencast for people to watch. Screencast is a TechSmith video hosting solution that is provided separately from Relay. Screencast videos will not be affected by this shutdown and your videos will continue to be accessible. Over the next year, we will work with users to transition their videos off of Screencast and over to our new Kaltura system. Find out more about our new Kaltura media server and recording tools below.

Accessing Your TechSmith Relay Videos

We will retain an offline backup of all videos recorded with Relay, but we recommend that you download a copy of the videos you want to save for your backup before the end of the year (2019). You can upload your videos to the new Kaltura system if you wish to continue using them. It is also a good idea to save a copy of the link to your screencast videos if you do not already have them saved somewhere.  You will need the links to your Relay videos in order to find them on Screencast.

Find out more about accessing your videos and transferring your TechSmith Relay videos to the Kaltura MediaSpace.

Carleton’s Recommended Screen Recording Alternative: Kaltura

Kaltura is a cloud-based video platform that supports on-campus classroom or personal screen recordings.  Kaltura software is integrated with cuLearn, meaning anyone can securely share video content with just the users of a course.  With Kaltura, you can seamlessly create, upload, and share video content with the Carleton community.  The Kaltura system includes three intuitively designed video capture products:

Kaltura Media Space: Your media gallery where all of your recordings or uploaded videos live. This is where you manage your media collection and chose what to share with others.

Kaltura Personal Capture: A screen recording app that you can use to record videos on any personal computer (Mac or PC).
Kaltura Classroom Capture: A screen recording app that you can use to records lectures or presentations on any classroom computer.

Find out more on the Kaltura Media Space support site.

Comparison: TechSmith vs Kaltura

Process Techsmith (ending Dec 31, 2019) Kaltura Equivalent 
Access your collection of recordings Techsmith Relay Server (Your Archive) Kaltura MediaSpace
Personal Computer screen recording Techsmith Relay Recorder application Kaltura Personal Recorder application
Classroom Computer screen recording Techsmith Relay Recorder application Kaltura Classroom Recorder application
Mobile Video uploads Techsmith Relay Fuse Kaltura Go

Screencast End of Life

At some point we will discontinue the Carleton University Screencast hosting account. When this happens your Screencast links and embed codes will cease to function. You will need to replace these links or embed codes with replacements from Mediaspace or some other hosting if you still require the links and embed codes to work. The final date for discontinuing our Screencast hosting has not been determined yet.

Media Migration Request

After December 31, please fill out this form to request having your media migrated. Please note that you must log into Mediaspace.carleton.ca before your media can be migrated. Your recordings will be then moved to your Mediaspace account. After your recordings are migrated you can then re create your links and embed codes.

Media Migration Request Form

Please fill out this form to request having your Techsmith Relay recordings moved to Kaltura Mediaspace.
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