Networking requires existing connections to VIPS
Most people begin building their professional network within their immediate contacts such as friends, family, classmates, and professors!

Networking Requires slick sales pitches and an outgoing personality
By maintaining your personality and being sincerely yourself, you will stand out to the right employer!

Relationships can be built in 30 seconds
Asking someone to hire you in the first 30 seconds is like asking someone to marry you after 30 seconds! It is a lot of commitment. Networking gives us an opportunity to build toward a strong relationship, which can then lead to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have!

Networking opportunities can always be planned
Networking opportunities can be spontaneous and may happen at any place, at any time.

Networking is manipulating people for self-serving ends
Employers save save time and money by networking with potential employees and filling positions without advertising them or spending time going over 200 resumes!