What are Career Competencies?

Did you know, as a student, you are developing competencies during your journey at Carleton?

A competency shows an employer that you can perform specific tasks. You may have seen competencies on job descriptions or discussed them during job interviews.

A competency consists of 3 elements: Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes/Attitudes.

  • A skill is the ability to do something well through practice and using one’s knowledge.
  • Knowledge refers to something you have learned through experience or education. It may include things like facts, theories, policies, and procedures.
  • Attributes or Attitudes are personal characteristics or traits that a person brings to a task or a situation.


Transferable Skills

Competencies are acquired through different aspects of one’s life and can help bridge transferable skills from the classroom and into the workplace. For instance, if you wrote a research paper or essay for a course, you are developing communication competency, as illustrated below.

For more insight on the specific transferable skills you are gaining from your program, refer to Your Degree, Your Future.